Enrollment Marketing and Communications

Enrollment Marketing and Communications provides marketing and communications support for Strategic Enrollment and institutional recruitment and enrollment initiatives. The team works closely with teams across the university to recruit, yield, enroll, retain and graduate our students.

For requests not related to enrollment marketing, visit UTSA’s MarCom Studio

Website Requests

Our team manages the following domains: future.utsa.edu, onestop.utsa.edu, cmas.utsa.edu, online.utsa.edu, and utsa.edu/enrollment.

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Creative Requests (Design, Video, Photo, Swag)

Our team provides creative resources to support recruiting and yielding new students to UTSA and supporting enrollment efforts of the university. At this point, we generally are not able to support projects at the program or departmental level.

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Communication Requests (Email, Text)

Our team executes many student communication flows as well as ad-hoc student communications. Please note, email and texting can be an important tool for communicating; however, it can be one that is overused, and excessive emails or texts can negatively impact student experience. We follow similar mass student email guidelines provided by Academic Strategic Communications, which are intended to preserve the effectiveness of email communication, reduce the amount of unwanted email, and ensure students receive key messages related to their enrollment.

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myUTSA Account Requests (Student Portal)

Our Enrollment Communications team, in collaboration with UTS, provides oversight, management and optmiization of the student portal experience of myUTSA Account. All incoming requests will be assessed in alignment with our established structures and design framework.

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Content-Related Requests (Spotlights, Social Media)

The best way to tell the story of UTSA is through our students. If you know a student who would make a great spotlight to use in marketing, please let us know. We are looking for students who will not be shy in front of a camera, who are well spoken, and enjoy sharing their UTSA experience. If selected, our team will notify the student and let them know of this nomination. Please note, based on volume and capacity and marketing need, we will not be able to spotlight every student nominated.

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If you have difficulties with submitting the form or any questions about the process, please contact Erin Moring at erin.moring@utsa.edu.