Instructor FAQ Index

ASSIGNMENT TOOL Create, Grade and Download assignments; Allow Additional Attempts, Inline Grading, Group Assignments, Delegate and Reconcile Grading, Safeassign Reports
Check Browser and Operating System, Clear Browser Cache, Java Requirements, Enable/Disable Popup Blocker, Run Browser Check     
COLLABORATION TOOLS Blogs, Discussion Board, Groups, Journals, and Wikis
Announcements, Course Messages, and Email
Add Item, File, Audio and Video file, Mashups, URL, Helix Media File, SCORM Package, Adaptive Release, copy and Move Content
Add Course Banner, Customize Course Menu, Set Course Entry Point, Course-to-Course Navigation, Turn Tools ON and OFF               
Achievements, Calendar, Course Contacts, Course Tasks, Glossary, Group Viewer, Rubric, Student Preview, Enroll/Remove Users
Create Grade Column - Total, Average, Weighted; Download/Upload Grades to/from External file, Create Grade Comments, Categories, Smart Views, Grading Schemas
Blackboard to ASAP Grade Transfer 
Blackboard Collaborate, Chat, Virtual Classsroom and LYNC 

TESTS, SURVEYS, & POOLS Create Tests, Add Questions, Set Test Options, Create Randon Block, Deploy Test, Grade Test, Clear and Reset Test Attempt, Different Types of Questions

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