Data Center and Research Computing Services

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Administrative Data Center

The Main UTSA Data Center provides a secure and environmentally-controlled center for many systems critical to university operations. The Data Center also provides space for departmental servers.

All power, data cabling, etc. is run overhead. The raised floor space is used for air flow for temperature control. The Main Data Center is equipped with four 20-ton computer room air-conditioning units (CRACs), a main UPS unit which supplies 160 kW of conditioned power to the data center, and an emergency power generator.

The front of the UTSA research datacenter

Research Data Center

Opened in 2012, the Research Data Center is a raised-floor data center that provides space for servers and storage equipment used by researchers at UTSA.

The room consists of one outer staging area used for delivering and unpacking equipment, one room to house a 180kW backup UPS, and an open area for colocation of research equipment. There is also one room secured in a caged-off area and one separated by a solid wall, both of which require biometric readers for access.

All power, data calbing, etc. is run overhead and cooling is delivered via the raised floor plenum.


Research Computing

Servers managed by OIT are backed up Monday through Saturday and are maintained for 2 weeks. Backups of Banner databases are backed up Monday through Sunday and are maintained for 60 days. OIT provides infrastructure to host servers, storage, and services in a virtual server environment.

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