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Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS)


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This grant is a collaborative effort between the Office of the Provost and the Office of Information Technology .

The iPASS project is funded by:

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iPASS Handout

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UTSA's iPASS Mission
The iPASS project is dedicated to enhancing student success at UTSA by engaging a campus-wide team to collaboratively establish a system that helps empower students and support staff, enhancing student interaction from orientation to graduation. Through communication, training, evaluation, and refinement, iPASS will create an adoption environment that fosters welcoming attitudes toward changes. As a grant-funded initiative, the iPASS project strives to improve and determine the best practices and solutions for the benefit of students. As an evergreen project, iPASS will continually evaluate implementations to determine opportunities for increased impact, change pathways to minimize shortcomings, and share data to help improve student graduation and retention rates nationwide.
UTSA's iPASS Vision
The goal of the iPASS project is to foster student success at UTSA to increase average retention and graduation rates. Students, advisors, faculty, and support staff will partner in a collaborative effort. iPASS will serve a key role in advancing student success and supporting students to reach their educational goals in complement with the THECB 60x30 TX, the UT System Student Success goals, the UTSA Blueprint, the CLASS initiative, and the OIT mission.


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