AirRowdy Wireless


The AirRowdy wireless network is both 2.4 and 5 GHz capable, and covers the Main, Downtown, and ITC locations. Note: AirRowdy coverage does not include student housing.  

Students should connect to AirRowdy_Student using their my UTSA ID.  Users should get ~100Mbps upload/download with no restrictions to the Internet, and secure Web access to UTSA servers. Logins are good for 180 days.

Required software to connect to AirRowdy includes a wireless network card that is 802.11a(n) or 802.11g(n) Wi-Fi compliant, and a web browser that supports SSL and Javascript.


Trouble Connecting? 

We can help! Click below for our how-to videos or contact StudentConnect here.   


Connecting to AirRowdy on Windows


  Connecting to AirRowdy on Mac



  Connecting to AirRowdy from a Mobile Device


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