Becoming an 'Agilist'

After completing the ICAgile Fundamentals course, a participant will demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

An Agile Mindset

How to 'be agile,' not just do. Participants will be able explain the mindset, values and principles of Agile.

See the Results

Explain how agile practices and principles improve the software development process.

Start an Action Plan

List the major steps required to successfully plan and execute an agile software project.

Begin the Approach

Describe agile software development methodologies and approaches.

Recognize the Difference

Explain the differences between agile and traditional methodologies.

Empower Your Organization

Discuss agile development best practices with colleagues.

Course Schedule

The two-day Agile Fundamentals course emphasizes starting with an Agile mindset, not a single methodology or framework. Course participants come away with a solid understanding of core concepts as they prepare to embark on their agile journey.

  • Day One:
    Mindset, Individuals, and Interactions

    Explore the origins of Agile including the Agile manifesto, understanding the Agile mindset and establishing context for Agile best practices.

  • Day Two:
    Value-Driven Development, Customer Involvement, Planning and Adapting

    Delve into key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement.

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What's included:
  • Downloadable Attendee Workbook
  • Course certificate
  • Awarded Agile Fundamentals (ICP) Certification
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Who Should Attend

Since Agile Fundamentals is foundational and the gateway to all other certification tracks, it is appropriate for those new to the agile world, and for practitioners who recognize the need to focus on “being” agile in addition to “doing” agile.

For those who want a good introduction to some widely applied Agile frameworks and practices. Participants will get a solid understanding of the processes and the environment of an agile project, and the tools and techniques used in delivering value the agile way.

  • Professionals at all organizational levels
  • All industry sectors including government and non-profit
  • Those seeking innovative approaches to product delivery
  • Organization and Team Leaders
  • Change Managers
  • Customer Satisfaction Gurus