What You'll Learn

Agile Testing focuses primarily on agile testing techniques and processes in addition to the mindset and role of an agile tester. Agile testing is much different from testing performed during traditional software development approaches.

Break Testing Activities into Categories

Testing activities can be broken into categories of testing based on their purpose and value.

Apply Test Design Techniques

Use mindmapping, context diagrams and other methods conducive to a collaborative environment.

Ensure Stable Test Automation Through Controlled Data

Use different ways to control data so that the automation results are consistent.

Provide the Minimum Amount of Test Documentation Needed

Determine the amount of test documentation necessary for a given environment or situation

Define Approach, Tools and Timings for Automation through A Project

Plan an Agile test automation effort for each release as part of the test strategy.

Determine Appropriate Method to Report Results

Weigh trade-offs between documented test results and team communication of results.

Course Schedule

In this two-day Agile Testing course, participants will learn how to use Agile testing to drive team and quality improvements and assist the organization in making informed business decisions regarding software release.

  • Day One:
    Agile Testing Mindset & Testing Techniques

    Explore the origins of Agile Testing, categories of testing, collaborating with developers as well as feature and story testing.

  • Day Two:
    Agile Testing Process

    Delve into key roles and responsibilities, test strategy and planning, test environments and infrastructure, and working on distributed teams.

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What's included:
  • Downloadable Attendee Workbook
  • Course certificate
  • Awarded Agile Testing Track (ICP-TST) Certification Upon Completion
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Who Should Attend

This certification will be most relevant for Agile testers or aspiring agile testers with a passion for collaboration and software quality along with a desire to learn and practice agile testing techniques. Relevant roles include Testers, Test Managers, Analysts, and Developers with an interest in testing.

  • Professionals at all organizational levels
  • All industry sectors including government and non-profit
  • Those seeking innovative approaches to product delivery
  • Organization and Team Leaders
  • Developers