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Payroll Office

Relocation Reimbursement

A hiring department may determine it is reasonable and necessary to pay the Relocation expense for a newly hired employee.

Department Checklist: Ensure all items listed are reviewed and applied to your consideration of offering Relocation Reimbursement to a prospective employee.

Department Checklist

1.  Does Employee meet Initial Tests of Relocation Reimbursement?
2.  Acquire approval from Approval Authority.
3.  Review Funding Limitations for appropriate account utilization.
4.  Review and apply Reimbursement Criteria and Limit section.
5.  Ensure Reimbursement Amount is listed on Employment Offer letter.
6.  Decide on Moving Vendor Direct Payment Option or Reimbursement.
7.  Review and apply Reimbursement procedure.

The following links below are the source information to be used for the Department's Checklist. Links are also listed at the side-bar to the right.

Initial Tests of Relocation Reimbursement Eligibility

Approving Authority & Funding Limitations

Reimbursement Criteria and Limits

Moving Vendor Direct Payment Option

Reimbursement Procedure




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