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Duties and Responsibilities of Senators

  • Represent and communicate the opinion and needs of the student body to the administration, faculty, staff, and other appropriate entities.
  • Confirm justices to the SGA Judicial Branch, as appointed by the SGA President.
  • Review, discuss, consider, and take any necessary action through legislation on all issues which concern the campus or students.
  • Serve as an open forum where opinions on matters of concern can be exchanged.
  • Execute all legislation of the General Assembly.
  • Approve the SGA annual budget and any spending which would exceed $250 of the budgeted amount.
  • Serve on at least one SGA Committee.
  • Make opportunities available for their constituents, to share opinions and viewpoints.
  • Attend all meetings of the General Assembly their chosen committee, and mandatory SGA events.
  • Protect, defend, and uphold the SGA Constitution.

Classification Senators:

Graduate Senator: 4

Junior Senator: 4

Senior Senator: 4

Sophomore Senator: 4

Freshman Senator: 4

College Senators:

College of Architecture, Construction and Planning Senator: 1

College of Business Senator: 5

College of Education and Human Development Senator: 5

College of Engineering Senator: 3

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Senator: 5

College of Public Policy/College of Health, Community and Policy Senator: 1

College of Science Senator: 5

University College Senator: 2

Honors College: 1


Academic Affairs

Represents students to the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and makes recommendations on policy and actions. The Academic Affairs committee addresses anything related to academia such as: curriculum, libraries, advising, degrees, academic policies, etc.

Chair: Kallee Scott

Email: Kallee.ScottSGA@gmail.


Business Affairs

Represents students to the Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and makes recommendations on policy and actions. The Business Affairs committee addresses: parking, financial policies, traffic, facilities, etc.

Chair: Marc-Anthony Medina



Downtown Affairs

Address the concerns and needs of the Downtown Campus. Ensure that the Downtown Campus receives consistent SGA representation. Develop and sustain a relationship with Downtown Administrators. Gather Downtown concerns and data. Ensure that the Downtown Campus is considered in SGA decisions.

Co-Chair: Gabe Lugo and Alexis Chavez

Email: and 


Student Affairs

Represents students to the Dean of Student and Senior Vice Provost of Student Affairs and makes recommendations on policy and actions. The Student Affairs committee address student life, campus recreation, and campus events, etc.

Chair: Melissa Montelongo