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Reaccreditation expected after QEP review

Quality Enhancement Plan

After a two-year process, UTSA ’s Quality Enhancement Plan, known as the QEP, was reviewed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS -COC ) in March.

“UTSA hosted the SACS review team March 23–25 for a successful visit,” said Nancy Martin, associate vice provost for core curriculum and QEP . “The visit went very well and we expect reaccreditation in December.”

Every 10 years, universities must reaffirm their accreditation and meet criteria established by SACS-COC and the U.S. Department of Education. Reaccreditation involves two components—preparation of a compliance certification report and development of a QEP .

In January, UTSA President Ricardo Romo selected the topic “Quantitative Scholarship: From Literacy to Mastery” for the QEP. The QEP was developed by a committee including professors Nandini Kannan, Kay Robbins and David Senseman, and Martin and Joleen Reynolds, director of testing services. Kannan will serve as the QEP project director.

Its primary goal is modifying curricula in core classes so that students will understand the role of quantitative data in their professional and personal lives. The hope is that graduates will have strong problem-solving, critical-thinking and analytical skills, using numbers and data to make decisions. Ultimately, the QEP will prepare them to pursue advanced degrees and excel in the fast-paced, numbers-oriented, global business environment.

Implementation of the plan will last five years beginning in 2011.

—Tim Brownlee

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