Institute of Texan Cultures


The Institute of Texan Cultures Initiative seeks to align ITC more directly to the educational mission of UTSA. One of ITC’s greatest assets is that it is part of the university — the goal of this initiative is to capitalize on that connection as ITC pursues its mission to give voice to the experiences of people from across the globe who call Texas home.

ITC Centennial 2068: Community Stakeholder Visioning

University Museums

UTSA is on our way to becoming a premier public research university, joining the top tier of US universities. ITC is a critical part of this journey.

Why? University museums offer a unique value proposition that increases the vibrancy and relevance to our city, state and region, including:

  • Stewardship of heritage
  • Teacher preparation and student learning
  • Scholarly programs
  • Experiential learning for career preparation
UTSA museums diagram, showing relationships between museums and audience groups


  • Enhance ongoing collaborations between the museum and UTSA’s academic programs to create new learning opportunities for UTSA students.
  • Align ITC operations with UTSA Libraries to leverage the Libraries’ administrative resources and expertise in managing academic collections.
  • Develop a new strategic plan for the museum to focus on creating more engaging educational and cultural experiences.