Task force agrees to five guiding principles

November 15, 2017

This Finance & Budget Model Task Force met on Thursday, November 2, 2017 and was attended by 26 members. Participants reviewed the efforts of the previous task force and the agreed-to five guiding principles:

  1. Improving budget transparency, fiscal accountability and resource management
  2. Aligning resources with institutional priorities
  3. Ensuring decision making is based on reliable data/analysis
  4. Incentivizing revenue growth and cost effectiveness
  5. Evaluating and adjusting budget processes periodically  

Starting in FY18, UTSA has created reserve cost centers for all divisions, and most units have reserve costs centers as well with standard naming conventions to better track reserves and carry over balances. Going forward, spending will not be from a reserve cost center.

Huron Consulting representatives joined the meeting and discussed trends in higher education related to finance and federal spending.

The task force asked UTSA vice presidents about their budget-related challenges to develop better, more transparent processes for the university. The group plans to meet again on Thursday, November 29, where some Vice Presidents will present their budget practices.