Student Success Updates

July 20, 2018

EAB met with deans and the Senior Leadership Team to provide an update on the proposed four-phase plan

UTSA's new Integrated Student Success Plan is now complete and the first phase of this initiative has come to a close. Read more  

June 14, 2018

Focus areas for 2019 and beyond

The task force has determined focus areas for 2019 and beyond Read more  

May 17, 2018

EAB has recommendeds priorities

Following a review of proposed projects, EAB has recommended that the Student Success Task Force prioritize several high-impact, low-effort tactics for the duration of 2018. Read more  

April 18, 2018

Town hall meetings yield key recommendations

Town hall meetings last month to inform campus community members on its progress and share some of the key recommendations put forth by our consultants, EAB. Read more  

February 16, 2018

EAB representatives meet with college deans

EAB representatives visited the Downtown Campus and Main Campus January 30 and 31 to meet with college deans and associate deans, as well as representatives from the offices of Student Life Initiatives, Career Services, P-20 Initiatives, Welcome Center, Enrollment Services and UTSA Libraries Read more  

January 19, 2018

Representatives from EAB visit campus Jan. 9–10

Representatives from EAB visited campus Jan. 9–10 to meet with individuals involved in the many student success initiatives Read more  

December 13, 2017

Campus meetings with UTSA faculty, staff and students in November

Consulting firm EAB is in the process of finalizing its diagnostic report for presentation to the task force Read more  

November 15, 2017

Task Force launch features talk by David Laude

Talk by David Laude, professor of chemistry at UT Austin spoke about the role faculty play in student success Read more