Graduation Help Desk: A key to student success

July 15, 2019

UTSA Today

An important program at UTSA is helping Roadrunner students resolve roadblocks to graduation. The Graduation Help Desk, which was established at UTSA through a $222,000 grant from the UT System to support student success initiatives, has taken on 1,222 cases from students encountering graduation issues since its start in November 2017. As part of UTSA’s 10-year vision, the university is rapidly progressing as a model of student success by increasing four- and six-year graduation rates. An outcome of the Presidential Initiative on Student Success, the Graduation Help Desk is one of the tools UTSA has adopted to achieve this objective.

“There are myriad reasons why a student could have difficulty graduating, and they often go beyond simply not being able to take a required course,” said Tammy Wyatt, UTSA vice provost for student success. “The Graduation Help Desk gets involved when problems persist after a student has tried to resolve the issue through ordinary channels, such as working with their advisor, their major department/faculty, or other relevant offices on campus.”

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