View of the UTSA Downtown Campus

Voices of Support for UTSA's Downtown Campus Expansion

“These initiatives will have a profound effect on our growing technology sector in addition to UTSA’s drive to become a nationally recognized research university. It will accelerate downtown San Antonio’s ongoing resurgence and provide a transformative boost that enhances economic opportunity for generations to come.”

Ron Nirenberg, San Antonio Mayor

“This partnership will culminate in an injection of youthful energy to our downtown that is the necessary complement to the burgeoning tech district and residential development. UTSA’s downtown campus expansion will continue San Antonio’s momentum as a leader in cybersecurity and education.”

Sheryl Sculley, City Manager

“Bexar County is a leader in the emerging cybersecurity and entrepreneurship sectors and we are excited and pleased to see that UTSA is going to build a National Security Collaboration Center and School of Data Science downtown on city-owned property. As we restore the section of San Pedro Creek on land abutting this project, we look forward to exploring the feasibility of locating UTSA’s College of Business on Bexar County property as funding becomes available from tuition revenue bonds or donor gifts.”

Nelson Wolff, Bexar County Judge

 “Downtown, and all of San Antonio, will benefit from the expansion of the downtown UTSA campus. The connections the expanded campus creates will erase the highway as an artificial border and provide a thriving link to the Westside. With these new connections will come vibrancy and opportunity. I applaud Dr. Eighmy for his vision and, more importantly, his plan to put vision into action.”

Roberto Treviño, City Council District 1

“UTSA Downtown’s expansion will be transformational for the Westside community. It comes with a vision to ignite the growth of our resources – people, energy and can-do spirit. And it comes at a time when the gateway to the Westside is set to be reshaped into a space for learning, commerce, culture and community. I’m grateful for Dr. Taylor Eighmy’s vision and for the support of the UT System Board of Regents for helping to bring a long-held Westside dream into reality.”

Shirley Gonzales, City Council District 5

“This is one of the biggest breakthroughs for UTSA ever. It will enhance UTSA’s core academic reputation and cement its role as a player in downtown San Antonio’s tech corridor. The expansion of UTSA’s Downtown Campus also has the potential to be a huge boost for the Westside – it is an extraordinary ‘win-win-win’ moment.”

Henry Cisneros, Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development & Former Mayor of
San Antonio

UTSA Downtown was always envisioned to be a bridge of opportunity for our community and now under the leadership of Dr. Eighmy, we will see not only its expansion but see it becoming an even more important piece to UTSA’s efforts to become a great research university. Surrounded by Downtown and the Westside of San Antonio, UTSA downtown illuminates how investing in our people can change our community’s trajectory to success.”

Jose Menendez, Texas State Senate District 26

“This is an exciting investment for all of San Antonio and especially the Westside. The Westside has long awaited this additional growth at the UTSA Downtown Campus. This opportunity will help lift the area economically, educationally, and most important, professionally. It will further establish cyber security as a major professional industry in San Antonio and further connect San Antonio’s growing data sciences and tech industry with its phenomenal military presence. Things are certainly looking up for San Antonio’s professional environment. This
investment will create high paying jobs in downtown and on Westside. It is a gigantic economic game changer for the area.”

Leonard B. Rodriguez, President, Westside Development Corporation

“The announcement is a great milestone for UTSA and the technology community in South Texas. H-E-B shares the deep commitment to improving our economy through quality education and innovation right here in our home city of San Antonio.”

Craig Boyan, President and Chief Executive Officer, H-E-B

“Serving our members in a rapidly changing digital marketplace requires employees who can outsmart cybercriminals and analyze complex data. The foresight, collaboration and innovation that UTSA is facilitating through these IT and cybersecurity initiatives will generate the skills we need for the future in our home city of San Antonio.”

Stuart Parker, Chief Executive Officer, USAA

“Bringing the power of our leading industries together is crucially important to San Antonio and its economy. UTSA’s partnership with the city, county and committed philanthropic leaders, like Graham Weston, is not only strategic, it is inspiring. Congratulations on this monumental endeavor to bring new experiences, growth and lifelong connections to downtown San Antonio and to the students of UTSA.”

Sam Dawson, Chief Executive Officer, Pape-Dawson Engineers

“The development of UTSA’s Downtown Campus is a tangible indication of the university’s commitment to bring economic prosperity to San Antonio. We value their interest in embracing the long history and culture of the neighborhood and are delighted to have UTSA as a partner in our mutual efforts to further enhance the Zona Cultural for the betterment of our city.”

Pete Cortez, Chief Operating Officer, La Familia Cortez Restaurants

“In my first meeting with Taylor Eighmy, he laid out this exciting vision of having UTSA become an outstanding urban-serving university. The significant presence of UTSA students, faculty and staff in and around downtown San Antonio, which will include world-class learning programs and facilities, will add an element of vibrancy and boost our business community and our downtown vibe. Today’s partnership announcement is another shining example of how the City of San Antonio is a catalyst for enhancing the burgeoning momentum that is happening downtown and being generated by both business and public institutions like UTSA. The business community looks forward to capitalizing on these opportunities and taking them to new and exciting levels. Congratulations to UTSA and to the City of San Antonio for making this a reality.”

Richard Perez, President, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

“This is exactly what we need to continue building a sustainable workforce pipeline for big data and information management companies here in San Antonio. Having a vibrant downtown campus with dedicated entities focused on data science and cyber security supports our targeted growth strategy in IT and cybersecurity to recruit and retain quality employers. This is an incredibly exciting development and will help us immeasurably.”

Jenna Saucedo-Herrera, President and Chief Executive Officer, San Antonio Economic Development Foundation

“This news is an unquestionable game changer, especially considering the proximity to San Pedro Creek and the Zona Cultural development. Centro San Antonio constantly strives to enhance the downtown experience, and President Eighmy’s commitment to investment in the urban core certainly underscores that effort. An enhanced UTSA educational presence and expansion in downtown will create jobs and a multitude of other opportunities for years to come.”

Trish DeBerry, Centro San Antonio Board Chair

“UTSA is building the best data science program in the world. It will train the smartest students in the field and make them the hottest commodities in the workforce. We hope that as UTSA creates them, the biggest employers in the world will come to downtown San Antonio to recruit their IT workforces. The School of Data Science will bring thousands of the most innovative students, faculty and researchers together and will accelerate everything else in our downtown tech ecosystem.”

Graham Weston, Former Chairman of Rackspace Hosting/Entrepreneur

“The recent re-commitment of UTSA to not only invest in our downtown, but to be a beacon for tech education in our growing downtown tech district will transform our city in so many positive ways for decades to come. Students walking the downtown streets will accelerate our push to build an urban tech neighborhood for young creatives. And UTSA’s downtown campus will now be a tech educational gateway for young people in some of our most historically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Graham Weston’s generosity has sparked so much of this recent growth, and this gift will help build even more exciting opportunities for our growing city. ”

David Heard, Chief Executive Officer, Tech Bloc

“When trying to build a globally competitive industry ecosystem, communities need a leading university that will serve as a collaborator and innovator for new technology and solutions. The National Security Collaboration Center at UTSA is a unique asset for San Antonio that brings together government, academia and industry to solve some of the most pressing issues facing national security and cybersecurity.”

Will Garrett, Director, CyberSecurity San Antonio

“Modern economies run on clusters of great talent working closely together. UTSA’s commitment to graduate great talent trained in the tools of the modern economy and do it downtown side by side with the employers needing them is a huge boost for San Antonio’s emerging tech economy. ”

Lew Moorman, Partner, Scaleworks

“The merging of federal and industry research capabilities with academic laboratories is a rare and critically important ecosystem that empowers UTSA with the ability to rapidly and effectively develop technologies vital to national security. I’m not surprised that the university has received support from leading experts, including the United States Air Force, the National Security Agency and an impressive array of commercial cybersecurity firms.”

Jim Perschbach, President and CEO, Port San Antonio

“LGS Innovations is actively supporting UTSA and Cyber City, USA as a plank owner in the National Security Collaboration Center initiative. Recognized as a leader in technology innovation, built on the heritage of Bell Labs, LGS delivers C4ISR and Cyber products and solutions that provide critical contributions to national security. A key motivation for participation in the NSCC is the access to the pool of skilled cybersecurity personnel produced by the diverse set of cybersecurity education and research programs provided by the faculty of UTSA. By providing an incubator environment the NSCC represents a transformational example of collaboration amongst government, industry and academia to strengthen the cybersecurity of the nation.”

Kevin McNeil, Senior Vice President of Cyber Solutions, LGS Innovations

“I believe the only way we can move at the speed of relevance in the 21st century is to collaborate and innovate more deeply between universities, government, and private companies in order to explore creative solutions. The model you are creating will help the entire community move forward faster together to create economic opportunity and national security.”

Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast, Commander, Air Education and Training Command, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph

“UTSA is embarking upon innovative and exciting endeavors, one of which is the new plans for its downtown campus. It is with a great sense of pride that I see UTSA’s forward momentum enhancing their existing partnerships with the city, county and the corporate community. I see so much promise for San Antonio and for the downtown area with what UTSA has in store. Most importantly, our students will be the beneficiaries as their potential is limitless. This can only be great for San Antonio, Texas and our nation!”

Francisco Cigarroa, Former Chancellor, The University of Texas System

“The University of Texas ecosystem in San Antonio plays an important role in driving the local knowledge economy. UTSA’s new National Security Collaboration Center and School of Data Science will bring even more intellectual talent to our city, leading to enhanced synergies with UT Health San Antonio and all our city’s higher education institutions. We couldn’t be happier to see these exciting developments occurring at our sister university.”

William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP, President, UT Health San Antonio

“San Antonio’s reputation as a hub for technology and R&D innovation just took a giant leap forward. UTSA’s plans to expand its downtown presence provides a much needed bridge between San Antonio’s government, industry and educational sectors. With this move, UTSA takes on an even more prominent role in developing the kind of workforce Southwest Research Institute—and other high tech organizations here in San Antonio—rely on to sustain their research programs and continue as world class leaders in their fields. This is precisely the kind of energy we need to harness the full strength of our city’s brainpower and continue to attract intellectual talent to South Texas. ”

Adam L. Hamilton, P.E., President and Chief Executive Officer, Southwest Research Institute

“President Eighmy and I share a common passion for catalyzing the scientific research community in San Antonio. The connectivity UTSA is generating through public-private partnerships and the coalescence of expertise and resources in the heart of our city is not only good for San Antonio, but for all of society.”

Larry Schlesinger, President and Chief Executive Officer, Texas Biomedical Research Institute

"I think the hottest, most exciting thing happening downtown is (the University of Texas at San Antonio). UTSA is making an incredible move into an urban campus setting that I think is going to absolutely change the trajectory of that side of downtown, and, in my opinion, the entire downtown."

David Adelman, Principal at AREA Real Estate, LLC