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Student Conduct Behavioral Report

Use this form to report alleged violations of the UTSA Student Code of Conduct. The report will be reviewed for any possible violations and handled appropriately.

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Academic Dishonesty Report

Use this form to report suspected academic dishonesty..

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Review the UTSA Academic Dishonesty Policy  

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Report

Report concerns or actions (experienced or observed) that you believe pose a risk of harm or danger to self and/or others.

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Student Organizations Referral

Use this form to report any possible violations by student groups. Reporters have the option to request to remain anonymous but may be contacted by Student Activities or Student Conduct and Community Standards to obtain further information.

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Appeal for Behavioral or Academic Dishonesty Allegations

Use this form to submit an appeal to the Academic Affairs Provost’s Designee for academic and behavioral allegations.

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Confidential Campus Advocacy Services Request

Use this form to request confidential advocacy support related to instances of sexual violence such as: sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. This request is confidential and any information obtained will remain confidential.

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No Report Form

The No Report Form is used most often when the incident occurs near the time of final grades to establish a non-punitive grade replacement while a Scholastic Dishonesty case is pending. Faculty members are responsible for using the No Report Form any time final grades will be reported during the fourteen (14) day appeal window. If the student does not exercise their right to appeal, grades may be posted on the fifteenth (15th) day. Upon conclusion of the investigation, faculty members will receive a follow-up memorandum from Student Conduct and Community Standards providing additional instructions.

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Student Conduct and Community Standards FERPA Release Form

The Student Conduct and Community Standards FERPA Release form is to be completed and returned by the student/prior student to Student Conduct and Community Standards. Information regarding a student's discipline record will only be shared with those listed. This signed form will be added to the student file.

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Request for Disciplinary Background Check/Disciplinary Good Standing Letter/Expunction of Record

Use this form to request a disciplinary background check or disciplinary information regarding current or prior students

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Notification of Death

This form notifies UTSA of the death of a student, faculty, staff, or alumni.

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