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Dr. Heather Shipley

Heather Shipley

Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Dean of University College

The University College is focused on helping you achieve academic excellence. Our college is devoted exclusively to undergraduate students and your success. We collaborate with other colleges, departments, and offices throughout the university. The University College is home to many offices such as the Writing Program (including the Writing Center), the University Health Professions Ofice, the Institute for Law and Public Affairs (ILPA), the Multidisciplinary Studies Program (MDST), the Office of Scholar Development and Post-Graduate Advising, Center for Civic Engagement, and the Core Curriculum.

University College also operates as the university office of undergraduate studies that manages academic matters which include the coordination of the undergraduate curriculum, handling academic processes and receiving student appeals that require action beyond the level of the college deans.

Mission: Achieve academic excellence in undergraduate education by positively impacting undergraduate student education, encouraging scholar development through exploratory programs, and promoting life-long learning through engaged learning and research.


    Align practices and policies across undergraduate education
    Create opportunities and provide guidance for increased student achivement
    Ensure every undergraduate has an opportunity to enrich his or her experience at the university
    Promote and support the academic success of undergraduate students

Purpose: The University College's purpose is to promote student-centered learning through dynamic, engaged curriculum and opportunities for service learning and scholarship, offering our students lifelong tools for academic inquiry, advancement, and civic leadership in their local and global communities.

View this informational video to hear from program leaders, as well as current students in University College.

The Writing Program offers the writing courses that fulfill the requirements of the university's core curriculum and assists our students in developing and polishing their writing skills.

The University Health Professions Office provides outstanding support for students wishing to pursue careers in the health professions.

The Institute for Law and Public Affairs implements a prelaw program to enhance a pre-law educational opportunities and increase the number of Texas students who gain admission to and excel in high quality law schools.

The Associate Vice Provost provides administrative oversight and support for the implementation and assessment of the university's Core Curriculum.

The Center for Civic Engagement is committed to service-learning, a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection in an academic course to enrich the student learning experience, instill a sense of civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Multidisciplinary Studies is a multidisciplinary degree which allows students much flexibility in designing degree programs that relate to their personal academic and career goals.

The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is to initiate a collaborative network of programs to engage and support undergraduate students' participation in research and scholarly activities in all areas of academic inquiry.

The goal of the UTSA Air Force ROTC Program is to provide information about the detatchment to the public, prospective cadets, and their parents.

The UTSA Army ROTC Program is an educational program designed to prepare men and women for succeeding in college, becoming Army officers, and developing in their chosen career.