• What types of equipment will Surplus pickup from departments?
  • Surplus will pick up any and all University equipment, purchased by or donated to the University. This includes, but is not limited, to all data processing equipment, scientific equipment, equipment used by service departments, office furniture, and vehicles. Surplus will not pick up trash or paper products, these items will be handled by the Facilities Services Housekeepers.

  • What forms are required to request pickup of equipment by Surplus?
  • Any University Property, which has become obsolete to the needs of your Department, should be transferred to the Surplus Property Department (SPD) once your Department has determined it to be obsolete. A Surplus Property Turn-in Form is used to initiate the transfer of university property from your Department to the SPD. Once you have completed the Surplus Property Turn-in Form, the signed, original (along with any needed continuation pages) should be sent to the SPD via campus mail.

    All furnishings & equipment, which has been purchased and/or gifted to the University, is considered University Property. University Property may only be disposed of by the Surplus Property Department, with the approval of the University's Property Manager

  • How can I come see what Surplus has available in the warehouse?
  • Please visit our e-surplus website to view surplus items currently in our warehouse. We also have walk-in hours every Friday between the hours of 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. You may also call our office to schedule an appointment to view items at other times. The Surplus Department is here to support the UTSA community, but please be mindful that this is a warehouse environment, when visiting.

  • What happens after I mail the form to Surplus?
  • Once your form has been received, it is logged into our system, a quality assurance review will be completed (primarily to ensure transfers of capital and controlled assets are properly documented). After the QA review is complete, you will received an appointment request via Outlook. This request will have a proposed date/time to schedule the pick-up of the surplus items. When you accept the request, your surplus property pick-up appointment will be on your calendar and the Surplus Property Department’s calendar. If you need a different date/time, simply use the “Propose New Time” option on the MS Outlook Meeting Request, as opposed to “accepting” the meeting request.

    If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please use the meeting request in MS Outlook Calendar to cancel your appointment. Please also call the Surplus Property Supervisor (Erasmo Garza at Ext. 6272) to advise of the need to cancel your scheduled appointment.

    When the Surplus Property Department staff arrive to pick up your surplus items, they may only take items that are listed on the Surplus Property Turn-In Form. Once they complete the pick-up of the items listed, before they leave your area, they will sign-off on the form and you will need to make a copy of the completed form. If you are not the Inventory Contact Person (ICP) for your area, you should keep a copy for yourself and a copy for your ICP. Once this form is signed by the Surplus Property Department staff, it serves as your receipt for the property being transferred to the Surplus Property Department.

  • What is the process of turning in computers or servers to Surplus?
  • Computers are transferred to the Surplus Property Department in the same manner as any other items which have become obsolete to your department's needs, however, it is highly recommended that CrashPlan, be run on your computer/s before they are picked up by the Surplus Property Department.

    The Surplus Property Department uses a mechanical shredder to literally shred all computer hard drives and electronic storage devices that arrive in the warehouse. For obvious reasons, data cannot be recovered once a storage device has been shredded.

  • Is there a charge for pick-up or delivery?
  • No. The service is absolutely free!

  • How do I account for an item that has been transferred to Surplus on my inventory?
  • If the items have been picked up and still remain on your unit's inventory listing 30 days after their pick-up, contact us so we can research & resolve this issue for you.<

  • How can I request items from Surplus for my department?
  • There are two primary ways to request items for your department. You can ask Surplus to “watch” for an item by using the "Request for Surplus Property" link on our webpage www.utsa.edu/surplus. Your request will be electronically routed to the department, and we will watch for items that match your request. To match your request with items as they arrive to the Surplus Property Department, please include information about size preference, color preference, material preference, etc.

    We also have a link on our webpage, where you may view “Available Surplus Property”. This link directs you to our e-surplus portal which has photographs and descriptions of available surplus items, currently available for redistribution across campus. You may view and submit requests for available items from this site.

  • Once Surplus picks up an item can my Department get it back?
  • Not very likely. Items transferred to Surplus are often recycled, transferred or disposed of, in accordance with local, state, and University policies and procedures, as quickly as possible because Surplus has such limited space for storage. By the time your department's request for retrieval is received, the item could be long transferred from the University already.

  • Does the Surplus Department have public Auctions? Who can participate?
  • As the Surplus Department accumulates those items that may be auctioned, the items will be posted on our contracted auctioneer's website. Since our auctioned items go through a competitive bidding process, UTSA faculty, staff, & students are eligible to bid as well as the general public.

  • How do I recover items that I have lost?
  • All property turned in to the UTSA Police Lost & Found section is stored 60 days. After 60 days, the property is transferred to the Surplus Property Department for public auction or further disposition, except for property with little or no monetary value and property that is considered to be a health hazard, such as chemicals or food containers. These items are destroyed by the Lost & Found section. For a current list of Lost & Found property, see the most current version of the UTSAPD Runner Beat newsletter. For more information, call the UTSAPD at (210)458-4242.

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