Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Turning in or Receiving Surplus Items
For more information, including state laws, University rules, regulations and procedures, see operational guideline regarding Surplus Property.
Surplus Property
All university property that is surplus to a department's needs must be sent to the Surplus Property Department.

To have items that have become obsolete to your departmental needs (surplus property) picked up please complete a Surplus Property Turn-in Form.

Completed forms may be scanned in then emailed to surplus.property@utsa.edu, or they may be sent through campus mail.

We are not able to accept hand written forms, at this time.

Examples of surplus property are desks, chairs, staplers, printers, computers, file cabinets, incubators, keyboards, monitors, whiteboards, file boxes, file folders, binders, book ends, etc.

Note: Artwork, Artifacts, and Rare Books are not Surplus Property.
Surplus Property Pick-Up

The Surplus Property Turn-In Form is used to initiate the surplusing process. Upon receipt of your Surplus Property Turn in Form a Meeting Request will be generated (via MS Outlook) so we may schedule a convenient time to pick up the surplus property.

To expedite the process, please watch for and respond to a meeting request from surplus.property@utsa.edu once you have submitted your form.

Our current turn-around time from the receipt of a request, through scheduling and pick-up, is currently under 7 business days.

This is a free service provided by the Surplus Property Department.

Please call x6282 with any questions or concerns.
Surplus Property, Available for Redistribution

After surplus property (that has additional useful life) arrives at our warehouse it is listed on our website for viewing and redistribution: http://e-surplus.com/.

Each item on this site has a direct link for faculty and staff to request delivery of the item. These items are only available to faculty and staff for use on campus.

Selected items will be delivered, free of charge, by the Surplus Property Department.

Faculty and Staff may also submit a request to "watch" for particular items Surplus Property Turn-In Form
Batteries, Ink/Toner Cartridges Due to environmental issues, Surplus cannot pick up these items. To have these items picked up, please visit the Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) link below, fill in the information and hit the "SUBMIT" button.
Computer CPU's

It is highly recommended that all data is preserved before computers are sent to the Surplus Property Department.

As computers arrive to the Surplus Property Department, they are re-imaged. Computers that cannot be re-imaged have their hard-drives removed. These hard-drives are mechanically shredded. Data cannot be recovered.

When preparing to turn in computer peripherals, please place keyboards, mice, cables and wires in a box or container prior to pick up.
Vehicle Turn-In Preparation

If you have a vehicle that has become obsolete to the needs of your department, please contact the University's Fleet Manager for guidance on how to prepare the item, before completing the Surplus Property Turn-In Form

Office of Facilities: Vehicle Maintenance

University vehicles have specific requirements that must be addressed before they may be picked up, or transferred to the Surplus Property Department
Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers may be listed on the Surplus Property Turn-In Form, but may require additional clearance.

Refrigerators and freezers being turned in to the Surplus Property Department must be cleared for removal by the Laboratory Safety office, if they were used in a laboratory (non-computational lab.)

Please contact EHSRM to discuss laboratory items. At x4420 or EHSRM website

Once your item is cleared by a Lab Safety Officer, please prepare your Surplus Property Turn-In Form and send it to SurplusProperty@utsa.edu.

The Surplus Property Department will coordinate with the Facilities Team responsible for recovering freon, as needed. This is a free service provided by Facilities.
Laboratory Equipment and/or Hazardous Materials
(i.e. biological, radioactive, corrosives, flammables, asbestos, chemicals, etc.)

You must ensure that items that contain or have contained hazardous materials are inspected and cleared by the Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) office prior to completing the Surplus Property Turn-In Form.

Once the items have been cleared by EHSRM, attach the inspection clearance documentation to the Surplus Turn-In Form and ensure the form is complete (there is a check box for items that were in labs that were cleared.)
Modular Furniture Modular furniture and partitions can only be picked up by the Surplus Property Department after they have been disconnected from electrical and network outlets, and then disassembled. Prior to submitting a Surplus Turn-In Form for these items, please consult with Facilities Services or @ x6282, to handle the disassembly process.
Artwork, Artifacts, and Rare Books are never Surplus Property

These items require special care and must never be sent to the Surplus Property Department.

For removal, relocation, or inquiries on how to obtain artwork, please consult with the University Art Curator, Arturo Almeida, x4983
Small Miscellaneous Items
(binders, book ends, paper weights, small cables, pens, post-its, etc.)
Pack all small loose items in cardboard boxes and use the additional page on the Surplus Turn-In Form if needed.

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