UTSA Behavioral Concerns Assistance

As with any community, there may be times when UTSA faculty, staff or students become concerned with the behavior of another community member. Examples of such concerns include, but are not limited to:

  • A university community member submits written materials that contain wording that seems alarming or out of context.
  • A university community member may notice a colleague whose behaviors or comments may be significantly different then their typical behaviors (i.e., decreased stability and/or increasing irritability, etc.)
  • A roommate or friend may have become increasingly withdrawn or moody, or has not been seen or heard from for a period of time that is out of the ordinary.
  • An acquaintance may not be respecting appropriate personal boundaries (I.e., inappropriate communications or stalking) in a manner that makes another community member uncomfortable.
  • A community member notices another member that has an absence of emotional response (i.e. appears to be boiling under the surface, ready to burst) to a situation, which is a change from their normal behavior.

An interdisciplinary partnership that includes staff members from the Office of Student Life, Counseling Services, Academic Affairs, Human Resources and UTSAPD, is in place to respectfully, confidentially and professionally respond to such concerns that members of the university community may have.

Tips for Faculty

Report A Concern

Any person reporting an emergency on campus should call 911 from a UTSA phone or 458-4911 from a cell phone or other non-UTSA phone immediately.

Otherwise, if you are concerned about the behavior of a UTSA community member, please follow the link below to report that information. Please include all the relevant information you can in the online form, including your contact information so we can follow up if we need more information. The team will also respond to all anonymous reports. Best efforts will be made to keep your report confidential in accordance with applicable law.

Incident Report

If available, please send any screenshots, emails or images associated with this concern to BITList@utsa.edu.

Please provide your contact information so we can follow up on your concern. (optional)

* Do you wish to remain anonymous to the person you are reporting?