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Welcome to Counseling Services

UTSA Counseling Services provides a confidential atmosphere where students may discuss concerns that are important in their lives. Many may be considered normal challenges that we all learn to master as we develop as a person. Some student's concerns may also involve major hurdles that interfere with their ability to manage important life experiences such as relationships, family, work or school.

The Counseling Services office offers students and the campus community a variety of professional services including those listed to the left. You can select specific service areas listed to learn more about how these may meet your particular needs. With the exception of a few in-depth assessment tests, services are pre-paid through your student service fee. Find out how to get started!

Services are available to all students who are currently attending class. All services are confidential.

Please know that Counseling Services is willing to assist you at any time during the normal work day, or in an emergency, you can access an on-call clinician after hours.

News, Events & Information

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Every Mon

3:00-4:30pm Classroom - #LetsTalkAboutIt (Hazel Lane, begins 1/26) Open

Every Tue

3:30-4:45pm Group Room - LGBTQ Group (Richard Martinez, begins 2/10) Full
3:30-4:30pm Classroom - Guided Meditation (Cristina Villegas-Hernandez, begins 3/17) Drop In
5:00-6:30pm Group Room - Healthy Relationships (Michelle Wiggins, begins 2/3) Full

Every Wed

3:00-4:45pm Classroom - Art Therapy Group (Rachel Lutz, begins 2/11) Full
3:00-4:30pm Group Room - Women's Understanding Self & Others Group (Michelle Klein, begins 2/4) Full
4:30-6:00pm Group Room - Songs to Soothe the Soul [SSS] (Mia Veve, begins 2/4) Full
5:00-6:30pm Classroom - Too Good To Be True [2G2BT] (Jeff Gatlin, begins 2/4) Open

Every Thur

2:00-3:00pm Classroom - Feel Better Fast (Melissa Hernandez, begins 2/5) Drop In
3:00-4:30pm Group Room - Anxiety Group (Korey Watkins, begins 2/5) Full

Every Fri

1:00-2:30pm Group Room - ASPIRE [Adult Students Processing Interpersonal Relationship Experiences] (Richard Blask, begins 1/16) Full

2:30-4:00pm Group Room - IPAD [Interpersonal Advancement & Development] (Melissa Hernandez, begins 2/6) Full