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Students in Crisis - What to Do After Hours

Counseling services is available to you even when our offices are closed (including after hours, weekends and official UTSA holidays). Counselors are committed to getting you to brighter days.


On-demand emotional support, appointment-based counseling, advanced psychiatric care, and more. The mental health support you need, right in your pocket.

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Instructions: Login with your UTSA Email and follow the instructions to choose the method you're comfortable with, whether that's TalkNow, Basic Needs Support, Health Coaching, exploring their Self-Care Content, or even Scheduling Counseling


Crisis Helpline

Crisis assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the UTSA Crisis Helpline. 

Call 210-458-4140. All information given through the Crisis Helpline is confidential and only between the student and the counselor. The Wellness 360 Counseling team will follow-up with the student during the next business day morning.

UTSA Crisis Helpline


If your situation is a crisis or emergency, and it is during business hours, please walk in to the clinic, at RWC 1.500, and indicate that you have emergency concerns. If you have a crisis or emergency after business hours, contact our helpline at 210-458-4140.

If you feel that you may be in danger of self-harm or of harming someone else, and it is after normal business hours, please seek help immediately. Contact the Crisis Helpline or the resources below:
  • If you are on-campus - call University Police at (210) 458-4242
  • Emergency 9-1-1
  • Center for Health Care Services 24-hour Psychiatric Crisis Line (210) 223-7233
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit (210) 225-5481
  • United Way Help Line (210) 227-4357
  • University Hospital Emergency Room