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Group Counseling

Counseling Services offers weekly group counseling sessions in a confidential and safe atmosphere for students who may benefit from an interpersonal experience where the goal is to provide support and to learn from each other.

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Group Counseling Schedule - Spring 2015

Groups are open to all registered UTSA Undergrad and Graduate students. You will need to speak with the group leader before accessing the group. Call (210) 458-4140 or Stop by Counseling Services at RWC 1.810.

Weekday/TimeGroup NameGroup Description
begins 1/26 Open
#LetsTalkAboutIt Processing Group w Hazel Lane (Classroom) This group is for people who have concerns about important relationships in their life, need more support, want to be supportive of others and want time to explore feelings and thoughts.
begins 2/10 Full
LGBTQ Group w/Richard Martinez (Group Room) A support group for GLBTQ students. We discuss anything and everything.
begins 2/3 Full
Healthy Relationships w/ Michelle Wiggins (Group room) Real talk; Curious about relationships? Let’s talk about healthy relationships.
begins 3/17 Drop In
Guided Meditation w/Cristina Villegas-Hernandez (Classroom) Meditation is a great way to reduce tension, anxiety and stress. It also helps with having peace of mine, clearer thinking and self-acceptance. If you are looking to try something new to manage stress and anxiety or if you just want to take some time for yourself, come join the guided meditation group.
begins 2/11 Full
Art Therapy Group w/Rachel Lutz (Classroom) The supportive relationship between therapist and group members is necessary to guide the art-making experience and to help the individual find meaning through it along the way.
begins 2/4 Full
Women’s Understanding Self and Others Group w/Michelle Klein (Group Room) This is a processing group for women who have concerns about important relationships in their life, need a supportive and therapeutic space to share their unique challenges in managing life with demands and roles.
begins 2/4 Full
Songs to Soothe the Soul (SSS) w/Mia Veve (Group Room) A support group that explores the link between thoughts, emotions and music. This is an interactive group which uses music and other creative outlets to discuss thoughts and emotions.
begins 2/4 Open
Too Good To Be True (2G2BT) w/Jeff Gatlin (Classroom) A group for people that want to improve the functioning of their current romantic relationship. This is not a group for couples. This is a group for individuals who are currently in a relationship but would like to see changes, or improvements.
begins 2/5 Drop In
Feel Better Fast w/Melissa Hernandez (Classroom) Group that offers a 4 session continuous psycho education modules on things like stress management, communication skills, social skills and mood management.
begins 2/5 Full
Anxiety Group w/Korey Watkins (Group Room) A support group focused on teaching skills related to reducing anxiety (fear, worry, stress).
begins 1/16 Full
ASPIRE (Adult Students Processing Interpersonal Relationship Experiences) with Richard Blask (Group room) A processing group for adult students (roughly mid-twenties and older). Common issues discussed include self-esteem, interpersonal challenges, family and other relationships, and sexuality.
begins 2/6 Full
IPAD (Interpersonal Advancement and Development) w/ Melissa Hernandez (Group room) Group focused on making and keeping friends, social anxiety, family and relationship issues, and academic struggles.

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