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Relationship Counseling

Couples counseling is conducted during summer sessions only unless prior arrangements have been made with the clinic director’s approval. You and your partner are eligible for relationship counseling if one of one of you are, or will be, enrolled for at least one session during the summer term. Relationship counseling is available to both same-sex and opposite partners with any relational status: dating, engaged, married, co-habitating, separated or considering divorce.

Common Concerns

Relationship counseling may be especially helpful for you and your partner if you are experiencing issues such as:

  • Communication Difficulties
  • Sexual Concerns
  • Frequent Fighting
  • Trust Issues
  • Division of Labor (Chores around the house)
  • Differing Priorities

Getting Started

To get started, call Counseling Services at 210-458-4140. Tell the receptionist you are interested in talking to someone about relationship counseling. You will be connected to Counselor on Duty (COD) if one is available at the time you call. When you call, you will be asked a series of questions to help determine the best form of treatment. This process is called phone triage and will take about 15 minutes. Depending on your specific situation, it is possible that the counselor may suggest a form of treatment other than relationship counseling. There are certain conditions within some relationships that affect eligibility for couples counseling. Some examples include current and ongoing physical or sexual abuse via either partner toward the other or the presence of an untreated major mental illness. To find out what the best form of treatment for you and your partner, call Counseling Services today.

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