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Talking with Students in Distress

Advising meetings can sometime take on the quality of a counseling session. The experience and comfort level of faculty, staff and academic advisors who find themselves in a personal counseling role may vary.

Tips for establishing rapport with students and understanding their concerns

  • Talk with the student in private
  • Listen carefully
  • Show interest and concern
  • Repeat back to the student the essence of what he or she has told you
  • Limit constructive criticism
  • Respect the student's values and beliefs


If you are concerned about a student or a situation but are not sure how to proceed, call Counseling Services at 458-4140. A counselor will take or return your call and help determine an appropriate course of action. Consultations are a regular part of our services and are frequently used by concerned parents and roommates, as well as faculty and staff.

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