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Student Signs Suggesting the Need for a Referral

UTSA Faculty and Staff can play an important role in helping students access Counseling Services. The following is a list of common indicators that may suggest counseling would be beneficial to a student.

Advisement problems

  • Inability to choose courses
  • Unwillingness to take required courses
  • Career indecision
  • Shift from discussion of coursework to personal issues

Academic problems

  • Excessive procrastination
  • Uncharacteristically poor work
  • Inconsistent work
  • Repeated requests for special consideration
  • Excessive absences

Interpersonal interactions

  • Dependency on adviser ("hanging around")
  • Uncharacteristically poor work
  • Avoidance of professor or other students
  • Behavior that regularly interferes with classroom dynamics
  • Complaints from peers

Behavior markers

  • Marked changes in personal hygiene
  • Dramatic weight gain or loss
  • Frequently falling asleep in class
  • Irritability, particularly in conjunction with unruly behavior
  • Impaired speech or garbled, disjointed thoughts
  • Unusually soft or loud voice, or unusually slow or fast speech cadence
  • Tearfulness or intense emotion

Call Counseling Services at 458-4140 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Our office is in the Rec Wellness Center, RWC1.810 (behind the Student Health Services). At the Downtown Campus, we are located in the Buena Vista Bldg. in a combined office space with Student Health Services, BV 1.308, which is near the bookstore. The phone number there is 458-2930.

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