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ADHD and Learning Disability Assessments

At UTSA Counseling Services, we offer formal psychoeducational testing to enrolled students, to facilitate better understanding of educational abilities and deficits. This testing may be especially helpful if you believe you may have a learning disability or experience difficulties with inattention and/or hyperactivity. Unlike our other counseling services, there is an out of pocket cost associated with this service. However, the cost of this assessment is heavily discounted compared to the assessment costs of private or community providers.

How to Get Started

  1. Call Counseling Services at 210-458-4140.
  3. We will collect information about your needs through a scheduled phone triage. Please make sure to let the clinician know you are interesting in testing, and whether you have been tested in the past for ADHD, or any other Learning Disability.
  5. The clinician will then ask that you acquire our Learning Disability Information Form by pick-up at our office, RWC 1.810, or by printing it here.
  7. Please fill out the form as thoroughly as possible and return it to our office, along with your latest transcripts, and any learning disability testing reports you may have.
  8. Once the form is returned, students will be placed on the testing list and will be contacted as soon as possible to begin their assessment.

What to Expect from Testing at CS

Although we attempt to have all students assessed within the same semester, high demand of this service may require students be placed on a waitlist until there is clinician availability. Learning disability assessments usually require you attend several sessions to complete all the measures. Depending upon your presenting concern, the number of sessions may vary.

Once you have completed a testing battery, you will be provided with feedback, either verbally, or in the form of a confidential report summarizing the results. This varies based on the student’s testing needs. These results may then be shared, at your discretion, with an individual counselor or psychiatric provider, to facilitate treatment. The results can also be shared with Student Disability Services (SDS) at UTSA, to determine if academic accommodations may aid you. Please keep in mind that SDS will determine appropriate accommodations, based on your disability.

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