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UTSA Offices for Veterans

What is the University of Texas - San Antonio (UTSA) veteran population like? UTSA veterans come from all of our military branches (Army, the largest military branch; Navy, Air Force, Marine, National Guard, and Coast Guard). Most of our veterans served for one enlistment (of four years or less), followed by those who enlisted for a second term. Though we have veterans who have served longer, few have made the military a career.*

Veterans typically experience some challenges when returning to civilian life. Those challenges are associated with the same or similar challenges a regular student faces (i.e., academic or career related issues). However, they may also experiences difficulties with financial concerns, lack of social support, emotional issues, and dealing with a less structured environment.

Many veterans have also had problems dealing with civilians both in their personal and professional lives. Some feel they’re misunderstood, under appreciated, and segregated from the more traditional student population. Given the United States’ current efforts in Iraq and conflicting civilian views, many veterans may experience some of the discussed problems to a greater degree. If you’re having trouble dealing with anything mentioned in this section, please visit Counseling Services for help.

A few other offices at UTSA that will be helpful to our veterans may be:

Services are available to all students who are currently attending class. All services are confidential. Please know that Counseling Services is willing to assist you at any time during the normal work day, or in an emergency, you can access an on-call clinician after hours.

*The statistics for this section were gathered from a survey conducted by the Texas State Institutional Review Board.

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