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Services for Veterans

Students who have experienced military service are unique and wonderful additions to our diverse campus community. We recognize that, for some veterans, returning to school after military service may bring with it challenges the average (civilian) individual does not typically experience. We wish to express our thanks for your service and our desire to increase the likelihood of your academic success and return to civilian life.

Furthermore, we recognize that some veterans may have been stationed in a war-zone. You may experience stress reactions associated with war-zone activity. Others of you may have experienced military life state-side, but may still require additional support and guidance to achieve the success which you are capable of. However you have served our country, we wish to provide you with the support you may need to navigate university life, eventual graduation, and beyond. We have identified some helpful websites, which we have provided here, and information to aid in your transition to our campus and membership in our academic community. We have also found faculty and staff willing to mentor you and guide those of you requesting support. Finally, we offer a support group for student veterans so that you might meet others experiencing similar challenges and feelings who can offer emotional support and guidance. We value our veterans and welcome you to our campus as an important part of our overall academic community.

Why do I need to get help?

Many returning service members will suffer from some degree of war zone stress reactions. It is important for returning troops to be aware of the importance of counseling services, whether they obtain care from military or civilian agencies. Since many now live in a relatively peaceful environment, it may become easier to avoid reminders of trauma faced in Iraq and to, therefore, put off seeking counseling services. Failure to participate in counseling may not only further impact war-related psychological difficulties, but may also exacerbate disorders that may have been present before deployment.

Some issues you may wish to find more information about might include:

Services are available to all students who are currently attending class. All services are confidential. Please know that Counseling Services is willing to assist you at any time during the normal work day, or in an emergency, you can access an on-call clinician after hours.

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