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News and Announcements

12/18/13: Mileage Reimbursement Rate Decrease for 2014.

The new mileage reimbursement State rate for employees traveling in a personal vehicle will decrease from 0.565 to 0.56 per mile. The change is effective January 1st, 2014.

For more information, see State Mileage Reimbursement Rate (FPP S.005) or Transportation: Mileage in a Personal Vehicle in Textravel.


05/05/13: Nora Compean's Promotion to Director of Disbursements and Travel Services

Nora Compean, Assistant Director of Disbursements and Travel Services (DTS), has been promoted to Director of Disbursements and Travel Services as of May 1st, 2013. Her strength in Accounting and Finance backgrounds will prove to be a great asset for The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) going forward.

Higher education is an integral part of Nora’s career. She has earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Brownsville with a major in Spanish and a minor in Business Administration. She also has a MBA with a specialization in Human Resources Management from the University of Phoenix.

Nora has been working for UTSA since September 2010 as the Assistant Director of DTS. Most recently-- Nora has been serving as the interim Director for DTS for 16 months due to the transition of Lisa Cartier to the PeopleSoft project. Nora is originally from Brownsville, Texas and has 20 years of experience in the fields of accounting, human resources, and finance. In 2009, she joined Texas A&M San Antonio as the Assistant Director of Accounting Operations where she gained valuable State travel knowledge along with government accounting experience. Before moving to San Antonio in 2006, Nora worked for Long Chilton, LLP, a local CPA firm for 9 years as the Office Manager. 

Her family life encompasses significant time spent with her three sisters, two nieces, and two nephews. Together they keep her engaged, involved, and actively enjoying the journey of life! Nora’s hobbies include: reading, skiing, baking and playing the guitar.

Delivering excellent customer service is of the utmost importance to Nora.

Nora Compean can be reached at or at 458-4831.

Congratulations Nora!

03/12/13: UTSA Travel Changes

For more information please refer to the announcement made by Vice President for Business Affairs, Kerry Kennedy.

The U. T. System and its Travel Council issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for system-wide travel management services with the following goals: 

  • Streamline contract management.
  • Improve reporting.
  • Minimize cost.
  • Improve overall service focusing on the traveler and travel arranger.
  • Provide innovative use of technology. 

After an extensive review and evaluation of the RFP responses, it was determined that mandating the use of the agencies for business travel and transitioning from a per ticket transaction fee to a comprehensive management fee would result in an annual System wide savings of 15%.

Beginning May 13th, 2013, all U. T. System institutions will use an exclusive supplier for travel agency services and car rental services.

For all bookings May 13 and after, all U. T. System employees will be REQUIRED to use one of the following travel agencies: Corporate Travel Planners or Anthony Travel.  All employees will be REQUIRED to use one of the following car rental agencies:  Enterprise/National Holdings, Avis/Budget Group, and Hertz Corporation.  Exceptions are noted below.

There are a few exceptions to the newly mandated travel policies. All faculty, staff, students, and guests who travel on University business are required to use the authorized travel agencies. Those currently exempt from this requirement include: student group travel and athletics. 

Exceptions will also be made for the following:

  • Travel paid by an outside entity.
  • Emergency situations (flood, hurricane, etc.),  and,
  • If the contracted travel agency is unable to provide an airfare within $100 of a lower fare available from an alternate travel provider, with apples-to-apples comparison (this exception requires advance approval of Diana Macias-Ollervidez at X6915 or Nora Compean at X4831). 

While we expect few non-compliance transactions, we understand with the initial launch of the new requirements and the hiring of new employees may cause a few instances of non-compliance.  Due to the cost savings benefits, service enhancements, and U. T. System contractual agency arrangements, we also want to discourage and curtail repeat violations. 

Please note the following implications of non-compliance:

1st violation: Management including Vice President will be notified. Traveler (and travel arranger - as relevant) will receive a reminder along with a copy of the new policy.  Attending a travel information training session will be encouraged.

2nd violation: Management including Vice President will be notified. Traveler (and travel arranger - as relevant) will receive another reminder. Prior to future travel, both traveler and travel arranger will be required to attend travel training class (or attend again, as may be the case). Traveler will be required to submit a memo to their Vice President explaining why approved agencies were not used.

Further Violations: Management including Vice President will be notified. Traveler will not be reimbursed for his policy-related trip expenses. Traveler will be suspended from future travel until allowed by the Vice President. Multiple infractions (3 or more) of this policy should be handled by the appropriate Vice President consistent with a progressive disciplinary process.

The New UT System and UTSA Travel Requirements Information Sessions (AM 575):

                                Main Campus
           Mon., March 11         9:00-10:30     UC 2.214-Hidalgo
           Mon., March 18         9:00-10:30     UC 2.01.26-Pecan
           Mon., March 25         9:00-10:30     UC 2.01.26-Pecan

                                Downtown Campus
           Wed., March 13        9:00-10:30     DB 2.316
           Wed., March 27        9:00-10:30     DB 2.316

                                University Heights
           Wed., March 20        9:00-10:30     UH 1.108

Go to to enroll in these sessions.

If at any time you have questions, please contact Diana Macias-Ollervidez, Assistant Controller, at or at X6915, and Nora Compean, Assistant Director of Disbursements and Travel Services, at or at X4831.


03/07/12: UTSA Travelers May Experience Long Hold Times When Calling Corporate Travel Planners

What is the issue?
On March 3, 2012, United Airlines® and Continental Airlines® migrated to a single ticketing and reservation system. As a result of this migration, Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) agents are experiencing extremely long hold times — up to several hours — when calling the United (and formerly Continental) customer service center.

Who does this affect?
UTSA travelers or UTSA employees that call CTP agents at (210) 366-1142 to complete travel arrangements on behalf of a UTSA traveler.

What is the current workaround?
Leave a voicemail. CTP agents are responding to voicemail messages as soon as possible. UTSA travelers may also contact Alamo Travel (instead of CTP) to complete travel arrangements at (210) 593-5585. They are not reporting the same issues.

When is this issue expected to be resolved?
Unknown at this time.

12/07/11: CLIBA Cardholders May Receive Transaction Declines and/or Citibank Payment Reminder Emails

What is the issue?
Citibank is experiencing issues with their payment process. As a result, CLIBA cardholders may be declined when trying to make a purchase using their CLIBA Card. CLIBA cardholders and/or their ATI may also be receiving payment reminder email notices informing them that if their payments are not made, their card may be suspended or cancelled.

Who does this affect?
UTSA CLIBA cardholders. Other higher education agencies are also being affected.

What is the current workaround?
Contact Lisa Bixenman directly, by phone at extension 7993, via email if your CLIBA card is declined or if you receive a payment reminder email and you or your department has previously submitted a CLIBA card payment in accordance with the Travel Cards FMOG. Lisa will contact Citibank directly to resolve the issue.

When is this issue expected to be resolved?  
Citibank is working toward resolving the issue as quickly as possible. We will notify you as soon as this issue has been resolved.

Additional Information: As a reminder, although the CLIBA card is assigned to an individual, the CLIBA card is guaranteed by UTSA and any late payments will not affect the cardholder's personal credit history.

09/22/11: DTS Office Is Moving to University Heights

On Monday, October 3, DTS staff will begin moving from the Main Campus to University Heights, building 2. Departments requiring assistance during this time can email DTS at

DTS staff will work from the McKinney Humanities (MH) building, room 2.02.02 (on the Main Campus) and be available for in-person document deliveries on the following days and times:

  • Monday, Oct. 3 through Wed., Oct. 5 from 8-5pm

  • Thurs, Oct. 6 from 8-11:30am

The office will be closed all day on Friday, October 7th and reopen at the new University Heights location beginning Monday, October 10th. The DTS staff will retain existing phone numbers. See the DTS Contact Us webpage for detailed staff contact information.

We ask you to plan accordingly to minimize emergencies. In the event of an emergency, departments can call the Controller's office at 210-458-6914.


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