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Forms and Worksheets

Disbursements & Travel Services forms are listed in alphabetical order. See below for forms related to travel cards or Procard.

  • Business Expense Form (BEF): Used to record all expenses incurred for entertainment and hospitality regardless of whether a reimbursement will be processed.

  • Declaration of Missing Evidence: Used when an itemized receipt is not submitted in conjunction with a Business Expense Form (BEF) or Travel Reimbursement/Settlement (TRS) form.

  • Invoice: Used to indicate the products, quantities and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. It is an itemized statement of funds owed for goods shipped or services rendered.

  • Mileage/Parking Log for Travel Reimbursement: Used to request reimbursement for mileage and/or parking expenses incurred while traveling on official university business. Note: If applicable, click Options>Enable this content>OK to enable Macros.

  • Participant Advance: Used to request an advance to pay research subjects, or other participants in an approved (sponsored) project.

  • Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages: UTSA Office of the President form used to request permission to serve alcoholic beverages at any on-campus UTSA sponsored event not involving students, or at an off-campus site where the server is not licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

  • Travel Advance Card Request (TAC): Used by eligible employees and students to request a travel advance to pay for allowable expenses while traveling on official UTSA business using the Travel Advance Card (TAC) as the travel payment method.

  • Travel Advance Request (TAR): Used by eligible employees and students to request a travel advance to pay for allowable expenses while traveling on official UTSA business whom prefer to use either Direct Deposit or Check as the travel payment method.

  • Travel Authorization Form (TAF): Use this form to obtain travel authorization during the interim process on any unauthorized travel or to correct any previous travel authorizations.

  • Travel Checklist: Used as a helpful reminder to complete all functions of travel.

  • Vendor Dispute: Used to document a vendor dispute over price, quality and/or receipt of goods or services.

  • W-9 Blank Form: Used in conjunction with a GGV to create or update a Vendor ID number (UT EID) for vendors or individuals in DEFINE.

  • W-9 UTSA Form: Used to send UTSA FEIN information to outside parties.

Procard/Travel Card Administration (PTCA) Forms: These forms may be used to apply for and update an existing Procard or travel card and are also available on the PTCA website.

  • Card Maintenance Request (CMR): Used to request changes to an existing Corporate Liability Individual Billed Account (CLIBA) card, Travel Advance Card (TAC) and/or Procurement Card (Procard). Form may also be used to request changes to program administrator access (CLIBA and TAC only) or to the Procard reviewer or electronic desk access.

Student Travel Forms: For a list of student related travel forms and student travel policy, see the Student Travel website.

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