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DTS Roadrunner Advisor

Communicating Disbursements and Travel Services (DTS) business processes and other items of interest that may affect our customers and their interactions with us.

Issue In This Issue
July 2017
  • Travel and Expense Enhancements Move to Production
    • Workflow History Links
    • New Adhoc Approver Functionality
May 2017
  • Rowdy Exchange Announcement and Training Classes
  • Year-End Workshops Dates
  • State Creates New Airfare Rule
September 2016
  • GSA Per Diem Update Rates
November 2015
  • GSA Per Diem Update Rates
  • Client Notification REAL ID
  • FY 2016 Meals and Incident Expenses (M&IE) Breakdown
  • CONCUR to MAXIMIZE on Comissions!
  • CONCUR Reminders
  • Setting up a user account in CONCUR is quick and easy!
  • Fields to complete in CONCUR as part of your traveler profile
  • Where can I process or renew a Passport or Visa?
July 2015
  • Improved Southwest Airlines Discounts
May 2015
  • Reminder about using the SpeedChart
  • Year-End Workshop dates // MFR dates
  • Travel Reminders
  • Purchase order reminders
  • Changes to post-travel process
January 2015
  • Newsflash!
  • Please Welcome ...
  • CONCUR travel updates
  • DTS Upcoming training
April 2014
  • Newsflash!
  • Mark your Calendars -- Vendor Fair
  • CONCUR trainings for travelers and travel arrangers
  • Additional travel agency services offered by CTP and ATI
  • CONCUR traveler profile info
  • Process on renewing a Passport or Visa.
March 2014
  • CONCUR to Maximize Commissions
  • Helpful Travel Tips
  • UT System Contract Identifiers
  • Setting user account in CONCUR
  • Perks and Benefits when you sign up for Promotion Programs
September 2013
  • New FY 2014 Per Diem Rates
  • UT Systemwide reminders
  • Upcoming Travel Training sessions
  • Concur Profile Reminder
  • National/Enterprise Points Offer
  • Southwest Airlines No-Show Policy
  • Financial Affairs Welcomes -- Zachary C. Bolden
  • New DTS Staff
  • BRAVO Award Recognition
May 2013
  • Updates to Travel Guidelines using the online tool.
March 2012
  • Updates to Travel Guidelines, Forms
  • DTS Travel Reminders
  • DTS Welcomes New Teammates
  • Upcoming Travel Training Classes
  • Rental Vehicles Tax Exempt Form Now Available
July 2011
  • Travel Card, ProCard Conversion to Citibank
  • 2011 End-of-Year DTS Calendar
  • DTS Staff Member's New Novel
  • Tips to Complete the TRS Form
  • New Travel Advance Request Form, Mileage Rate
April 2011
  • New Travel Reimbursement Guideline and Form
  • Partial Payments and the Prompt Payment Act
  • State Charge Card Program Conversion
  • Mileage and Parking Reimbursement
  • Travel Agency Services
  • Voucher Check Issues and Payments Submitted Over 90 Days
  • DTS Welcomes New Staff
January 2011
  • Per Diem Rates
  • Lodging Details
  • Mileage and Parking Reimbursement
  • Travel Advances
  • Grant Funded Travel
  • Helpful Travel Voucher Reminders
  • DTS Welcomes its Newest Employee
  • January DTS Training Classes

October 2010

  • State Charge Card Program Update
  • Processing Your CBA Payment
  • International SOS
  • Announcing New DTS Staff
  • Process Change for All In-person Document Deliveries to DTS Office

July 2010

  • Stipend Process Updates
  • Highlights!
  • Year End DTS Functions
  • End of Year Calendar
  • Mileage Reimbursement Rates

June 2010

  • Prompt Payment Act
  • Processing Purchase Order Payments
  • CBA Conversion Delayed
  • New Travel Advances Guideline and Request Form
  • Terry Rodriguez Retires from UTSA

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