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Frequently Asked Travel Agency / Concur Questions (FAQs)

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Travel Agency / Concur Questions

Profile Information

1. What should I do the first time I log into Concur Travel?

    a. The first time you log into Concur Travel, you should change your password. If you are not prompted to change your password after logging in for the first time, follow these instructions:

      (1). On the My Concur page, click the Profile link on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

      (2). In the Other Settings menu on the left side of the page, click the Change Password link.

      (3). Enter your new password and then click Save.

    b. Before you use Concur Travel to reserve travel, click the Profile link to review and update your profile. You must save your profile before you first attempt to book a trip in Concur Travel.

    c. If you are a travel arranger, select the profile that you want to edit from the You are Administering Travel For list on the My Concur page and then click Profile.

    d. Agency profiles are transferred for existing employees. Please verify that the information is correct and enter any new items. Click Profile on the My Concur page immediately after you initially log into the service.

2. Do I have to create a profile?

It is not required to create a travel profile in Concur, but it is highly recommended. Travel profiles are shared by both Corporate Travel Planners and Anthony Travel. It will also facilitate in providing the required information, when a travel arranger/assistant is securing travel arrangements.

3. What information is required when setting up a travel profile in Concur?

Travel profiles should include the Division travelers report to (e.g., Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business Affairs, etc.), personal contact information , TSA secure flight number information, contact telephone numbers (business/personal), email address (business/personal), travel assistants names, credit card numbers, flight/hotel/car preferences, etc.

4. How do I create a travel profile?

Employees can setup their profiles using the self-registration process in Concur. Once self-registration is approved, then the traveler can proceed in completing their profile.

5. What if I do not book my own travel?

    a. In Concur Travel, you can select an assistant or arranger to reserve your travel.

      (1) On the My Concur page, click Profile and then click the Assistants link at the top of the page.

      (2) Click Add an Assistant to add the person who you would like to authorize to reserve your travel. This person can now update your profile and also make travel arrangements for you.

    b. If you do not see your travel arranger in the list of people to select from-- that individual might not have access to Concur Travel. To add a travel arranger to your list, send a request to your travel administrator.

    c. Click Help on the My Concur page. In the Help section, you can find specific instructions for the task you are trying to complete. You can also view demonstrations of the most important tasks. For questions regarding completed travel reservations, please call your agency representative.

6. Do I have to assign the assistant or can someone else just do it for me?

Someone else cannot assign an assistant. You must be the one to assign your own assistants. This is to ensure that you are aware of who has access to your profile information.

7. Can I assign a travel assistant/arranger to my profile that is not a UTSA employee?

Only employees of the university will have access to Concur.

8. Does my assistant/travel arranger need to create a profile?

Yes. The assistant/travel arranger must setup a profile prior to being assigned to a traveler’s profile.

9. Can I have multiple travel assistants/arrangers, credit cards and/or rewards programs?

Yes. You may have multiple travel assistants/arrangers, delegates, credit cards and/or rewards programs.

10. Can I assign an assistant/travel arranger to make my travel arrangements and prepare my travel?

Yes. You can assign travel assistants/arrangers to book trips on your behalf. You can also have someone complete your Travel Reimbursement/Settlement Form. The traveler is required to sign certifying expenses are correct and required for reimbursement. The traveler must submit a TRS form for every trip.

11. Are there e-mail notifications available in Concur?

Yes. E-mail notifications are available for changes in status of documents, items needing approval, trip reminders, tickets held reminders, and several other options. If you have given permission for a primary travel assistant/travel arranger to receive your e-mails, then the primary would also receive the notifications.

Travel Authorization Request

12. Will we have to submit a travel authorization prior to booking specific airfare, hotel, etc.?

Yes. You must always try to get prior approval to ensure availability of funds.

13. Do I have to complete a travel authorization request? Do I have to do one for every trip?

Yes. You will need to complete an authorization request for every trip. Blanket travel authorization requests are available as an exception for those who travel frequently and have back-to-back trips if applicable.

14. What if the actual expenses in the travel voucher exceeds the original encumbrance created by the travel authorization request?

The reimbursement amount can be less than or within a reasonable amount exceeding the encumbrance of the travel authorization.

15. If I create a travel authorization request, do I have to encumber funds?

Yes. You must enter an estimated dollar amount to encumber funds on a Travel Authorization Request (RTA).

16. Do I have to go through an approval process in order to book a trip?

Yes. You must have an approved RTA. Please be aware that it is advised that you obtain approval from your supervisor/department head prior to booking a trip. If a trip is not approved by your department you may be responsible for those charges.

Booking Questions

17. What information must be provided when booking travel through full service or Concur?

Whether using full service by contacting the travel agencies or by using Concur, you must provide the following: RTA/TV number, the account which travel expenses will be charged, your division, and credit card number.

18. What vendors/carriers are included in Concur?

Concur integrates the UT System-wide travel and car agencies: Corporate Travel Planners and car rental agencies, (Avis/Budget, Enterprise/National and Hertz.) This data is extracted from the GDS (Global Distribution System), which is the power search engine for other online booking sites.

There are a few vendors/carriers that do not provide information to the GDS for public distribution so there may be some hotels or smaller airlines not included in search results. UTSA has compared rates, available flights, and hotel rooms with online sites and the information in Concur is competitive and comparable.

If a specific vendor is not included, you can contact the vendor directly for a reservation. Please note that this information will not be included on your itineraries and the vendor will most likely not be able to provide an eReceipt.

19. Do we have to use Concur/Corporate Travel Planners or Anthony Travel to book travel or can we still do it the old way?

Airfare must be purchased using one of the approved travel agencies. Their pricing is very competitive. They offer reduced rates for airfare, car rental, and hotel reservation needs that other travel agencies will not be able to offer. It is highly recommended that Concur/Corporate Travel Planners/Anthony Travel be utilized when booking in order to maximize cost savings.

20. What if I want to book a flight on my own?

When using Concur Travel or calling one of the travel agencies, you can book flights yourself while maintaining access to corporate discounts. You can compare these discounted flights with Internet fares and other alternatives to find the best travel solutions – solutions that comply with company’s travel policies.

21. What happens if a travel instance is booked directly with the airline instead of through the contracted vendor?

You would still be able to travel; HOWEVER, this is a non-compliance violation. UTSA employees must use the required travel agencies to book travel. See the following link on details for non-compliance violations.

22. Can you select specific airlines, flights or seats on the Concur website?

Yes. You are able to select specific airlines, flights and seats using Concur.

23. Can I book travel using the Southwest Airlines website?

No. You must use either Concur or contact the travel agencies directly. All Southwest Airlines airfare will be listed in Concur, to include web and “Wanna Get Away” fares.

24. How can I view the itinerary for flights I have already booked?

On the My Concur page, review the Upcoming Trips section. For more detailed information, click the appropriate trip name in the Trip Name/Description column and then click View Itinerary.

25. How do I change my reservation after it’s been booked?

To make changes to your seat assignment or add a hotel or car reservations to a trip, click the trip name in the Upcoming Trips area of the My Concur. To change your air itinerary contact your travel agency directly.

To change an Internet ticket, contact the airline customer service directly. Your agency or company will not be able to assist with changes to Internet tickets as they do not have access to the ticket data through the agency booking system.

Note: When you contact your travel agency to cancel your reservation, the itinerary is not automatically removed from the Upcoming Travel section on My Concur. To remove the canceled itinerary from the Upcoming Travel section:

    a. In the Upcoming Travel section, select the appropriate itinerary

    b. Click View Request and then click Withdraw Request.

26. Can I add a car or hotel to an airline reservation after it is booked?

Yes. You can make changes before your ticket is issued. To add or modify your trip, click the name of the trip on the Upcoming Trips section of My Concur and then click Change Trip.

27. How do I reserve a car or hotel?

If you specified that you need a car on the Flight tab when you reserved your flight, you will see the car and hotel search results. You can then reserve your car and hotel based on those results.

28. Will Concur allow me to select a hotel that is higher than the allowable state rate when I indicate I am using state funds?

Concur has numerous travel alerts built in that will assist travelers with selecting options that are within travel policy. If a traveler selects the state funding policy source, it will display the destination point and the per diem rates for meals, lodging and incidentals for the location. Concur will display all hotel options and allow a traveler to select a location and room rate. Concur has several policy alerts in place to assist travelers in the decision-making process. If selecting a hotel that is out of the price range or not a contracted hotel, then the traveler will need to provide a short explanation on why this specific hotel was selected.

Examples of this include, but are not limited to, sharing a room with another employee, safety issues, and decrease meals to increase lodging costs. Concur will not prevent a traveler from making a room reservation.

29. Will we have to book hotels through the travel agency? And if so, often we book a room at the conference hotel and receive the conference rate by going directly through the conference links to the hotel website. Will the agency be able to do that?

Travelers have the option to book hotel reservations three ways, 1) contact the travel agency, 2) book through Concur, and 3) contact the hotel directly. When booking hotels for conferences, inform the travel agent so they can find these special rates.

30. Can I make reservations for another individual?

Yes; if that individual has assigned you as a travel assistant/arranger in their own profile. If they have given you addition access as a travel arranger, then you are not able to make arrangements on their behalf.

31. Can I book travel for my spouse or companion?

Yes. You can book travel for your spouse or companion. You must contact the travel agency directly and tell them your intentions. Please be reminded that this will need to be paid for with a personal credit card and not with an agency/state issued, or agency paid credit card.

32. How do you handle booking multiple people in the same hotel or on the same flight?

You can have each individual or their assistant/travel arranger make a reservation independently and place the reservation on hold. The reservation will only be held for a short amount of time (approximately 12 hours). You can compare the reservations with the other employee you will be traveling with to ensure that the same information is booked. Once confirmed, you can go into Concur and finalize the trip booking. Another option is to contact the travel agencies for an assisted booking.

33. How do you handle the situation where two employees are sharing a room?

One individual can make the hotel reservation. Upon check-in, two forms of payment may be presented; however, if only one form of payment is used, then the hotel charge can be reflected on the TRS form of the individual who paid for the hotel room. Please include the second person as a guest. The other traveler would also indicate the payment method used on their TRS form.

34. How are group reservations handled? What about conference hotels with promotional rates?

Group or conference hotel rates are not generally provided to the general public so they are not included in the GDS information provided to Corporate Travel Planners/Concur or Anthony Travel. In order to book a group or conference rate, you can either contact the vendor directly or contact either of the travel agencies for an assisted booking.

35. Where do I view my itinerary?

Concur Travel will send your itinerary to you immediately after you confirm the trip. Your agency will email your final itinerary when it is ticketed. In addition, you can view your itinerary from in the Upcoming Trips section on the My Concur or Travel pages.

36. Will I be able to book personal travel using Concur?

Yes. You just have to let the agent know that it is for personal travel.

37. What if my plans change unexpectedly during a trip? How can I rebook a trip or make adjustments to my travel plans?

Contact the travel agency with whom you secured travel. Corporate Travel Planners and Anthony Travel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact them directly to assist you with any changes to your travel plans.

Travel Reimbursement/Settlement

38. Will I be required to turn in receipts for all my transactions including meals?

Receipt requirements are not changing from what they are now. The general rule is that if a receipt is required previously it will still be required now. Within Concur, you do have the option to sign up for e-receipts for hotels and car rental agencies.

39. My travel will be paid by a 3rd party, do I have to use Concur or the travel agencies?

No; if you will be reimbursed by a 3rd party.

40. Can I have multiple payment types on one trip or TRS?

Yes. You can have multiple payment types.

41. What if the 3rd party does not reimburse my expenses, will UTSA reimburse my business travel expenses?

Yes. This is considered an exception. You will need to provide the necessary documentation from the 3rd party notating they will not reimburse your business travel along with a properly completed TRS form and any applicable receipts.

Credit Cards and Payment Methods

42. How do I pay for my reservations?

When you reserve airfare, hotel, and car rental reservations your credit card number is used to purchase your reservations. Please confirm that your credit card information in your Concur Travel Profile is accurate. If the credit card is missing, you will not be able to continue with your reservation.

43. What kind of credit cards can be used in Concur?

Concur is capable of handling various types of credit cards.

44. I have the United credit card, the Delta credit card, and the American credit card which gives me free checked bags (saving the department money as well), but I have to book using the particular airline’s credit card in order to receive that savings. Will the new system allow me to still use my credit cards to book travel?

You can still use those cards and request reimbursement. If you choose this route, you may be missing out on the contracted deals that you would otherwise been able to enjoy by using the State card (CLIBA or TAC card).

45. If a faculty member is planning to book and pay an out-of-pocket travel expense and later pursue reimbursement, will they have to use the travel agency?


46. Do I have to use my agency issued credit card? What if I pay cash for an expense?

You can use a personal credit card or pay cash/check for an expense and still get reimbursed. You will just notate the expense as an “out-of-pocket” expense and provide receipts as applicable.

47. What if I erroneously use a CLIBA card to pay for personal expenses? How would this be repaid back to the university?

The CLIBA or TAC cards should be used only for business purposes. Use of the State issued credit cards for personal use result in non-compliance of the Travel Card FMOG.

48. Can I use a credit card to pay for travel expenses?

Yes. A personal credit card can be added in a traveler’s profile. However, only State issued credit cards, Central Liability Individually Billed Account (CLIBA) or Travel Advance Card (TAC) can be used to purchase State fares or UT System negotiated airfares.

49. Can I designate which credit card is to pay for specific travel expenses (i.e., airfare, hotel, and car rental)?

Yes. Concur allows the traveler to determine which credit card can be used for airfare, car rental, or hotel.

50. Will a service fee be included when a payment is rendered via a CLIBA card?

No. The service fee will be billed at the end of the month as part of the management fee unless you made a personal booking.


51. Can I use multiple account numbers on my TRS form?

Yes. You can use multiple account numbers on one TRS form.

52. How do I know what type of funds I am using to fund my travel (Local, State, or Federal).

The type of funding selected may have different restrictions when making reservations. If you have specific questions regarding the funding source please check with your department or supervisor. As a general guideline, below are the ranges of accounts and sub accounts:

    State – 14xxxxx

    Local – 19xxxxx

    Gift - 30xxxxx

    Auxiliary funds - 29xxxxx

    Federal Grants - 26xxxx


    The eligible subaccount numbers to which the travel costs may be expensed are:

     -50: For all non-employee/non-student/participant (prospective employees or consultants) domestic or international travel, including prospective students.

     -60: For all non-employee (prospective employees or consultants) domestic or international travel using restricted funds (-14 and -26 accounts).

     -68: For all student athlete recruitment travel.

     -75: For all non-student domestic travel.

     -76: For all non-student international (foreign) travel.

     -77: For all student non-athletic team travel.

     -78: For all student athletic team travel.

Non-employee and Student Travel

53. Can non-employee and student travel be booked using Concur?

Only employees will have access to Concur. Non-employee trips will need to be booked by an employee that has access rights to book for a guest traveler. This employee would have a departmental CLIBA card in their profile that would be used to pay for guest traveler.

After the trip, this employee would also be responsible for preparing and submitting the required documentation to settle expenses on behalf of non-employees.

54. Can a guest speaker or non-employee book their own traveler?

Yes; if agreed in advance and included in the agreement/contract. They may select their travel vendor of their choice if pursuing reimbursement.

55. Can non-UTSA employees use Concur?

No. Only UTSA employees may use Concur.

56. Can consultants use their own frequent flier member miles?

Yes, as long as they have their frequent flyer number, you can add these to their individual travel.

57. Does this travel update affect charters for athletic teams?

Athletic Teams and Student group travel are not included on the new current contract; however, they are allowed to still use all the tools UTSA has available to book travel.

58. How do you handle booking for a non-state employee, guest participant, or prospective employee?

If you have been designated as a departmental travel arranger, you will have access to Concur. Each department should have at least one person that will have the ability to book expenses for non-state employees. This individual will make reservations as a travel arranger for a guest traveler or for the prospective employee.

Other Questions

59. Where do I update my email address and password?

You can update your password in the Profile section.

    a. On My Concur, click Profile.

    b. Click Change Password.

    c. Enter your old and new password into the appropriate fields, enter your password hint, and then click Submit.

60. If a traveler has a situation that occurs after business hours or during the weekend, are they going to be restricted to only working with the contracted travel agency to make arrangements in emergency situations? Is there after hours contact information that can be issued to the traveler before they depart?

Yes. CTP and Anthony Travel will be able to respond to any emergencies 24 hours a day. Their contact information is posted on the DTS website.

61. Will Corporate Travel Planners and Anthony Travel be able to provide some of the lowest airfare rates competitive with some of the on-line specials?


62. What is the availability to make arrangements with CTP and Anthony Travel?

The online option tool is available 24/7. Both CTP and Anthony Travel have agents who can assist you at any time.

63. Am I required to use the online reservation tool, Concur?

No. You are not required to use Concur. You can contact Corporate Travel Planners or Anthony Travel for full-service assistance directly.

64. Is the UT System-wide discounted airfare rates included? What about Southwest Airlines?

Yes. All UT System discounted contract rates are included in Concur, which also include Southwest Airlines. UT System-wide carriers are not included with other online booking sites, so rather than searching other online sites and/or these specific carriers, you are able to conduct one search and see all results by using Concur.

65. Is there a Mobile App available?

Yes. A Mobile App is available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and iPad. You are able to create a mobile pin number on your profile.

66. How will the management fees be handled with multiple travel instances each month?

At the end of each month, management fees will be charged to an institutional account for the remainder of FY13 and all of FY14. A management fee analysis will be prepared based on criteria set by VP, per department.

67. Is there a cost saving in using the online tool vs. the full service option?

Yes. The online tool will be at a significantly lower amount.

68. What type of confirmation do I need at the airport?

You should bring a printed copy of your email itinerary with ticket number information or the paper ticket (whichever is acceptable by the airline) and a government approved identification document such as a driver’s license, Passport, VISA, etc.

Contact Information

69. Who can we contact for more information regarding Concur?

You may email us at or contact Nora Compean at extension 4831.

70. Who do I contact if I am having issues with Concur or the travel agencies?

All travelers have the option of completing an online survey found at: or you may contact Nora Compean.




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