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Mission Statement

The Inventory Department's mission is to assist the UTSA Community with the recording, tracking, and management of personal property and equipment.

The Inventory Department is responsible for the following:

  • Write inventory policy, procedure and guidelines in accordance with state laws and university rules.

  • Maintain inventory records data consistency within three shared mainframe databases.

  • Conduct their Annual Physical Inventory (API) using barcode scanners.

  • Barcode Capitalized and Controlled equipment.

  • Manage internal/external equipment movements.

  • Manage and report missing, lost and stolen equipment.

  • Conducting random inventory reviews.

  • Report accounting record values for the Annual Financial Report Schedules and the State Property Accounting (SPA).

  • Manage the University's Art Program.

What's New
08/18/2014: State Property Transfer Receipt - On page one of the Routing/Required Approval table, deleted the title of Inventory Manager and replaced it with the Capital Asset Manager (CAM) signature block which provides an additional layer of internal control.
08/05/2014: Inventory Contact Person (ICP) Appointment - Updated form for PS verbiage and new fiscal year.
08/05/2014: Certification of Departmental Annual Physical Inventory - The unit code changed to DEPT ID (PS verbiage) and new fiscal year.
05/07/2014: Equipment Cannibalization Request - Updated from DEFINE to PeopleSoft.
05/07/2014: Inventory Transaction - Updated from DEFINE to PeopleSoft.
05/07/2014: Missing Property/Reinstatement - Updated from DEFINE to PeopleSoft.

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