Accounts and Access

myUTSA ID Accounts and Passphrase

The University provides faculty, staff, and students a variety of computing resources and online services. A myUTSA ID and passphrase is required to access most of these services.

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Automated Student Access Program (ASAP)

ASAP access allows UTSA students, faculty, and staff to register for classes, add and drop classes, order a parking permit, apply for graduation, check registration status, and more.

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myUTSA Accounts

A page to easily access your UTSA accounts.

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The + symbolizes that the account has been enhanced with a two-factor authentication service. Currently, to access UTSA VPN, a two-factor account is needed.

For general information: /FacultyAndStaffServices/DataAndVoice/VirtualPrivateNetworkVPN.


Reset your UTSA passphrase using our portal.

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Two-factor Authentication

A password is a single factor needed to gain access to a system. In two-factor authentication, gaining access requires having a unique object or token, such as your phone, in your possession, in addition to your password. Duo, UTSA's two-factor authentication tool, will help increase information security and protect your data. Using a mobile phone is the recommended method for setting up two-factor authentication. Duo with your smartphone (and other devices capable of receiving SMS or text messages) will protect your credentials by providing multi-factor authentication, eliminating the need for a separate one-time password.

For general information: /FacultyAndStaffServices/Security/TwoFactorAuthentication1.