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Payroll Office

Temporary Payroll Number


The Temporary number is issued by the Payroll Office for the sole purpose of entering an employee’s assignment in DEFINE/HRMS to process a payroll payment.

Criteria: Payroll Office restricts Temporary Numbers only to those employees who are Benefits Eligible or to Non-Benefits Eligible employees if it has been more than two weeks since the employee originally applied for his Social Security card.

Human Resources Requirements: A Temporary Payroll Number is not necessary in order for the employee to begin working.  The employee is eligible to work from the first day of employment, provided that all other Human Resources rules and regulations have been followed. The Temporary Payroll Number is not a substitute of the Employment Eligibility or Criminal Background Check. 

Appointments Required

When the situation necessitates that an employee is in need of a Temporary Payroll Number for a payroll payment and/or Benefit purposes; then either the department (preferable) or the employee is required to call, (210) 458-4283, or email Payroll Supervisor: Christine Bodily to set up an appointment time.  Temporary Payroll Number appointments are necessary. Employee should plan for the appointment to last 30 minutes.

Documents Required

When setting Temporary Payroll Number appointment, the new employee will be told supporting documentation to provide and bring to the appointment.  In general, the individual will need an I20 or a DS2019, passport, and Receipt from the Social Security Card Application. 

Do not make an appointment before the individual has gone to the Social Security Administration office.  The Receipt for Social Security card is required before a Temporary Payroll Number will be issued. If a Foreign National Non-Resident Employee has not visited the Social Security Administration to apply for his Social Security Number, please visit the Office of International Program’s website -  UTSA International Programs

Social Security Card Issued: Upon receipt of the employee’s Social Security Card, a copy is required to be forwarded to the Payroll Office, and the employee's DEFINE demographic information will be updated accordingly.

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