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Be A Good Neighbor!

Living off campus? Here are some tips to help you build a reputation as a great neighbor.

If you live in an off-campus apartment complex
Take time to review the rules for the apartment complex and then follow them.  They are in place to ensure everyone has a relaxing, comfortable and safe home – including you!

Communicate frequently with your complex management. If you have issues, let them know what is happening with your apartment, or just stop by to say hello. Meet your neighbors too.  These personal interactions will help you connect with your community

Be mindful that you may have neighbors that live above you, below you, and/or next to you. Loud music and noise can carry through the walls and floors and cause neighbors to complain to the apartment management and/or the Police Department.

If you own or rent a house in a neighborhood:
take the time to review the Homeowners’ Association rules and follow them. Renting a home doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply to you.

Communicate frequently with your neighbors. Let them know what is happening with you, or just say hello from time-to-time. These personal connections can help you in many ways.

Be mindful that you may have neighbors who work and/or have small children. Loud music and noise can carry and cause neighbors to complain. If they do complain, it will be to the Police Department.  Be mindful that even though it may not be too loud or too late in the evening for you, it may be too loud and too late for your neighbors.

In General:
Be mindful of parking issues when you have guests. Are they parking on the curbs, in other neighbors’ driveways, in the street blocking a neighbor’s driveway, or in yards? Advise your guests where they can park so they don’t disrupt your neighbors or cause damage to their property.

You may not care if your yard and/or porch are messy, but that doesn't mean your neighbors want to see your mess. Appearance of your home has an impact on the value of your property as well as your neighbors’ property. You probably chose to live where you did partially because of the appearance of the neighborhood. Others do the same.

When possible, help your neighbors. They know you are UTSA students and helping them will make you look good and help advance the value of UTSA and your UTSA degree.

Our pets are a source of inspiration and comfort. Remember others may not share the same love for your animals. Clean-up after your pets, even if you are walking them through the neighborhood. Barking dogs can upset neighbors and cause them to complain to the Police Department.

If you are living in a space with several of your fellow students or friends, make your house or apartment popular by agreeing to help others in the neighborhood.  For example, you might take a Saturday and mow lawns for elderly neighbors, or paint house numbers on the sidewalks of the neighborhood.

Once a week, take time to clean your living space. This will keep it attractive and inviting to others and healthy for you. For a quick method in cleaning your place, do a web search on quick-cleaning tips.

Community Service
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