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Faculty Senate Members


College of Architecture, Construction and Planning

Saadet Beeson (2018)
Department of Architecture

Rui Liu (2016)
Department of Construction Science and Management

James Dawes (2017)
Non-tenure Track Representative

College of Business

Martha Fasci (2018)
Department of Accounting

Edgar Ghossoub (2017)
Department of Economics

Karan Bhanot (2016)
Department of Finance

Glenn Dietrich (2017)
Department of Information Systems

Pepe Chang (2016)
Department of Management

Dan Sass (2018)
Department of Management Science and Statistics

Rajesh Bhargave (2017)
Department of Marketing

Julie Dahlquist (2018)
Non-tenure Track Representative

College of Engineering

Liang Tang (2018)
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Samer Dessouky (2017)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ruyan Guo (2018)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Randall Manteufel (2017)
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ashok Nedungadi (2017)
Non-tenure Track Representative

College of Education and Human Development

Howard Smith (2016)
Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

Michael Moyer (2017)
Department of Counseling

Mark Giles (2016)
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Michael Karcher (2017)
Department of Educational Psychology

John Zhang (2017)
Department of Health and Kinesiology

Emily Bonner (2016)
Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching

Teresa Sellers (2017)
Non-tenure Track Representative

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Jamon Halvaksz (2018)
Department of Anthropology

Christie Blizard (2018)
Department of Art and Art History

Chad Mahood (2016)
Department of Communication

Jackie Cuevas (2017)
Department of English

Wing Chung Ng (2016)
Department of History

Christopher Wickham (2017)
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

John Nix (2017)
Department of Music

Alistair Welchman (2017)
Department of Philosophy and Classics

Vaidya Gundlupet (2016)
Department of Political Science and Geography

Jim Dykes (2017)
Department of Psychology

Richard Lewis (2016)
Department of Sociology

Karen Dodwell (2016)
Non-tenure Track Representative

University College

Gregory Hazelton (2018)
Non-tenure Track Representative

College of Public Policy

Byongook Moon (2016)
Department of Criminal Justice

Lloyd Potter (2017)
Department of Demography

Jennifer Alexander (2018)
Department of Public Administration

Richard Harris (2017)
Department of Social Work

Derek Plantenga (2016)
Non-tenure Track Representative

College of Sciences

Kelly Suter (2018)
Department of Biology

Harry Jarrett (2016)
Department of Chemistry

Turgay Korkmaz (2016)
Department of Computer Science

Yongli Gao (2016)
Department of Geological Sciences

Dmitry Gokhman (2018)
Department of Mathematics

Christopher Packham (2017)
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Aneta Koynova (2018)
Non-tenure Track Representative

Ex-Officio Members

Karen Daas
Chair, Faculty Senate

Past Faculty Senate Chair

Jill Hernandez
Secretary of the General Faculty/University Assembly

Michael Baumann
Chair, Graduate Council

Chair, Retired Faculty Association

Janis Bush
Representative, Department Chair's Council