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Welcome to Tutoring Services!

Where Students Come First!

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Tutoring Services provides academic support to currently enrolled UTSA students through a number of programs. The goal of the programs is to help students become independent and life-long learners through the guidance of the tutors and development of problem solving skills.

Tutoring Services’ programs are accredited through the National Tutoring Association (NTA). Accreditation means that the Tutoring Services programs meet nationally accepted standards for tutor selection, tutor training, and tutor evaluation, as well as for overall program management and evaluation.

    A variety of programs are supported by Tutoring Services, including:

  • Tutoring Program
  • Math Assistance Program (MAP)
  • Non-Course Based Developmental Education Program (NCB)
  • Course Prep
  • College Success Seminar (CSS)
  • TSI Assistance Program (TAP)

  • Click here or click Programs above to find out more about each of these programs!

For more information, please contact the Tutoring Center or Tutoring Services at:
Main Campus | JPL 2.01.12 | 210-458-6783

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Tomás Rivera Center
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas 78249

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