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Title IX Training


UTSA PEACE Center provides educational programs and services that are available to all students, faculty, staff and student employees. The PEACE Center aims to proactively address sexual violence by engaging the campus community in prevention education, bystander intervention, customized training and transformative action. For more information about training offered by the UTSA PEACE Center please click on this link:


Title IX Training and Investigations in the Office of the Dean of Students and the University of Texas at San Antonio are committed to provide an educational and working environment for its students that is free from sex and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, interpersonal violence (including domestic violence and dating violence) and stalking.

Institutions must train all personnel involved in the Title IX process and publish training materials on their websites. Training must include a review of how to “serve impartially,” and how to avoid “prejudgment of the facts at issues, conflicts of interest, and bias.”

Below is a chart of UTSA training that meets these requirements:

Title IX Training - As of May 1, 2020
Name of Training Date Taken Notes
Complimentary Regulations 5/11/2020 Provided by ATIXA
Final Title IX Regulations and Their Effect on Your Campus 5/11/2020 Provided by Husch Blackwell
The Impact of Title IX Regulations on Faculty and Employees 5/28/2020 Provided by Husch Blackwell
Investigations Under New Title IX Regulations 7/9/2020 Provided by Littler
The New Title IX Regulations: Hearings: Balancing Compliance with Case Part Two 8/3/2020 By Cozen
UT Systemwide Title IX Annual Training 08/05/2020 & 08/06/2020 UT System
SPECTRUM Conference 8/24/2020 by SUNY
Sexual Misconduct Case Management and Investigation Training  09/29/2020 UT System
Sexual Misconduct Hearing Officer Training Upcoming UT System