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Social Media User Guidelines

The UTSA Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) organization, related to, but separate from UTSA, a public university.

While we encourage free speech and civil debate, UTSA Alumni Association account administrators reserve the right to review all comments and posted materials and remove such materials for any reason.

Accordingly, the following shall be deleted:
  • Images or language depicting/using profanity/nudity/drug use/ violence
  • Posts that do not comply with state/national laws and other university, association or platform policies
  • Images or language not in alignment with university/association values
  • Advertisements not related to UTSA or UTSA Alumni Association programs

The following may be deleted at our discretion:
  • Posts that are off-topic, abusive, threatening in tone or have the likelihood to devolve into personal attacks
While we welcome feedback and encourage engagement on our social media channels, comments will be moderated. Please be aware that while administrators are responsible for moderating the UTSA Alumni Association social media, we cannot immediately review every comment posted on a page. Opinions expressed in non-UTSA Alumni Association posts are not necessarily those of the association or the university, its employees, or our association board, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these posts.

We reserve the right to determine what is newsworthy and shareable on our channels. Additionally, we cannot endorse or promote political candidates.

Some examples of content we are able to share include:
  • News stories from reputable sources where the alumnus/a, UTSA administrator, university or the association is the primary subject (ie, not just quoted)
  • Photos of life events of alumni where they or their family member are showing their UTSA pride, ie, holding a UTSA Alumni Association product, wearing UTSA clothing, showing the handsign, undeniably on campus or at UTSA events
  • Messages or promotions from UTSA/UTSA Alumni Association sponsors/official partners

We also reserve the right to determine which accounts the UTSA Alumni Association will follow. Some examples of accounts we may follow include:

  • University accounts
  • Sponsors, community partners or community news sources
  • University or higher education administrators
  • High profile/ highly engaged UTSA alumni and students

All content posted by official UTSA Alumni Association entities is the property of the UTSA Alumni Association and is subject to copyright laws and brand identity.

Only questions regarding our posting policies submitted to our email address at are guaranteed to receive a response.

As of November 2019

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