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The Roadrunner Network is UTSA's mentoring platform. It connects students with hand-picked alumni who are actively offering mentoring and networking opportunities. The goal is to have thousands of alumni, faculty, and staff representing every UTSA college and many industries, locations, and levels of expertise ready to offer support.

admin_lLzUYgqAQSGyuy10ryBo_RN_Secondary_Orange.pngThrough the Roadrunner Network platform, students and alumni can develop their own "board of advisors" who provide support and guidance as they explore potential opportunities. Participants can:

  • Search for and message alumni/mentors based on location, major, industry, and what they need help with
  • Request web-based “flash mentoring” or quick meetings to get advice on real-life experiences
  • Start a long-term professional mentorship
  • Ask and answer discussion questions about careers and life exploration
  • Post and view jobs, internships, and upcoming events/conferences

Become a mentor

Ever wish you had someone to answer your career-based worries in college? Career mentoring is about offering that advice you could have used as a student! Over 600 alumni have volunteered their time to mentor students as part of the Roadrunner Network program. Create your profile and get started.

f8b705e7e85143337b277c2ec6693092-profile-pictures2FKrFo0nunQgCS82NY569J_004420copy_filtered20rev1.jpg Yvonne Addison '09, '18
Addison Prime - Owner
82e110fb99f3a5bec160dd0fcc4d0bc9-QGv85jAERQyi2J6qXdJ8_ywbkoAlap1-f2765473875368ef62ca.jpg Tuoyo Eresanara '18
The Average African Kid Podcast - Host

dddc8ddf131d830edb1b2a3be1883bee-XjMLnENCSle82bSgKqaR_VjrW3PmJwR-baffacaa255ef589f2ff.jpg Christina Hickox '17
Advancement Database Analyst


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