Request a Presentation

Members of the Behavioral Intervention Team can provide a variety of educational and interactive presentations.  To schedule a presentation, please contact Rosie McSweeney, Behavior Intervention Specialist at 210-458-5835 or  Please indicate which presentation you would prefer, the length of the presentation, how many anticipated attendees, and who will be in the audience (staff, faculty, students, community members). 

What is BIT? 

Length:  10 minutes.  An extended version of this (30 to 45 minutes) can occur.  The extended version provides some strategies for responding to people who are presenting concerning behaviors. 

The BIT is a resource on campus aimed at responding to reports of concerning behavior.  This brief presentation provides the basics:  What concerning behavior looks like, where should you report it, what happens after it is reported?  Attendees will receive The Orange Folder, a brochure that provides response expectations, contact information for resources, and tips for faculty. 

Navigating Difficult Personalities

Length:  1 hour

Have you ever been around someone who has a consistently difficult personality?  There are people whose internal experience results in consistent impairments in functioning (distorted thinking patterns, problematic emotional responses, irregulated impulse control, interpersonal difficulties).  This presentation provides practical tips and strategies for interacting with someone whose personality can present challenges or difficulties.  

Boundary setting and self-care. 

Length:  30 minutes to 1 hour.   The extended version of this focuses on self-reflection exercises.

Are you experiencing a lot of stress?  Do you want to care but are having difficulty?  Do you find that it’s challenging to find time for lunch, let alone to think or relax?  We don’t have to feel that way.  This presentation provides ways to determine how much burnout you are experiencing and offers practical and successful ways to reduce or eliminate burnout.   

How to have difficult conversations.

Length:  30 minutes to 1 hour.  The extended version of this focuses on role play exercises.

What do you do when you know you need to have a conversation that may not be well received or that you know will be uncomfortable for you and/or the other person?  This presentation provides ways to prepare for a difficult conversation, strategies for having the conversation, and tips for following up after you’ve had the conversation.  

BIT Guidelines