Fiscal Year 2021: Budget Reductions

The pandemic’s financial impact on UTSA necessitates budgeted expense reductions across every area of the university, which include some reductions to the university workforce.

Budget Reductions by Area

Budgetary decisions were informed by our guiding principles and reinforce our primary responsibility to advance our students’ success and critical research. Our deans, vice provosts and vice presidents engaged in a deeply collaborative and transparent process to meet our projected $35.8M revenue shortfall for the next fiscal year.

The following presentations provide details of each vice presidential area's budget reductions for fiscal year 2021.

Summer 2020 Reductions in Force

UTSA’s workforce is dynamic in nature and fluctuates based on current needs. This fluctuation is reflective of the annual dynamic nature of our staffing practices. Over the last five years, the total number of employees has ranged from a low of 6,635 in fall 2017 to a high 6,903 in fall 2018. As of spring 2020, UTSA had a workforce of 6,850 faculty, staff and student workers.

Overall UTSA Workforce

Staff Positions

As a result of the summer 2020 reductions in force, 243 positions were eliminated. This included 176 management, administrative and other professional positions, and 67 skilled labor positions. Additionally, 137 vacant positions were eliminated.

Reductions in Force

Vacant Positions Eliminated

An additional 4 employees saw a reduction in hours.

Consistent with our principles and emphasis on seeking efficiencies, the budget reduction process included many unit reorganizations resulting in the availability of 55 positions posted on July 1. Staff whose positions were eliminated are encouraged to apply. 

Additionally, many individuals who held custodial positions with UTSA Facilities will have the opportunity to apply for positions with ABM, the university-contracted custodial services provider. These include positions previously housed in UTSA Facilities, such as building attendants and day porters.

Staff Demographics


Faculty Positions

Twelve vacant tenured/tenure track faculty positions were eliminated.

From our workforce of 700+ non-tenure track (NTT) faculty, 69 (equivalent to 34.5 full-time employees) were informed that their college does not anticipate instructional need for the upcoming academic year.

NTT Demographics