Support Expenses

As part of UTSA’s implementation of the IRM budget model, the cost of services provided by academic and administrative support units is covered by the revenue units. Academic revenue units, e.g. colleges, incur an administrative and academic support rate along with direct billing. The auxiliary units incur an administrative support rate, SLA, and direct billing.

Support Rate and Service Level Agreements

Support rates are calculated each year in collaboration with leadership through the IRM governance process. Rates are determined by the current net costs of supporting academic and administrative support units in relation to the eligible revenues available. The support rates are assessed to appropriate revenue units to cover all campus support costs.

Service Level Agreements detail the services provided by administrative support units that are an extension to the support rate for auxiliary units. The link below provides a listing of services covered by administrative support units through SLA and the support rate. Please note that support services provided by Academic Affairs also benefit academic support units; however, those costs though are not detailed in this SLA.

Direct Billing

For some auxiliary units, such as Facilities, the UTSA Police Department, and UTS, some of their work falls outside the scope of services applicable to the support rates and service level agreements. In these cases, units will use direct billing to cover the costs of services provided.