Connecting, empowering, and equipping students to be lifelong learners and active citizens

Student Success includes a network of resources, programs, and services designed to help students succeed at UTSA and beyond. Click your year below or use the custom form to find relevant resources.

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Programs & Services

We offer many programs and services for your success, from academic advisors who will help you develop your degree plan to success coaches who will help you sharpen your study skills

Locations, hours, and contact info

Academic Success District

The Academic Success District (ASD) collects advising offices, mentoring programs, and other learning hubs and centrally locates them on Main Campus near the Sombrilla Plaza

Academic Success District Emblem

Visit Academic Success District site

Student Success at UTSA

College Student Success Centers

Each College at UTSA has a Student Success Center geared towards helping their students succeed through course and career guidance.

College Student Success Centers

Foster Care Initiatives

UTSA is dedicated to empowering Roadrunners with a history of foster care.

Visit Fostering Futures Program site Visit Bexar County FES site

Resources for UTSA Online Students

Check out specialized resources that support fully online student success.

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Student Success Mission

Student Success advances innovative programs and services to provide students with comprehensive resources and opportunities that nurture academic, personal, and career growth. We identify and promote evidence-based practices to cultivate an inclusive and collaborative ecosystem of support that connects, empowers, and equips students to be lifelong learners and active citizens.
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