Latest information on operational modifications for fall 2021 Roadrunner Roadmap

Implementation Timeline

The Finance and Budget Modeling task force considered several proposed timelines for implementation and decided that an accelerated implementation timeline allowed benefits of IRM to be realized sooner, avoided budget model redesign fatigue, and maintained project momentum by offering immediate reward and risk to revenue units.

The timeline did not address the next phase of budget process at UTSA, which was built upon a greater infrastructure, particularly in technical system improvements that were needed to adapt IRM with better integration of data and forecasting. This infrastructure is needed for the colleges and the UTSA Budget and Planning Office. 

A broad project timeline is illustrated graphically as follows, with further details below (click to expand graphic).


Parallel Year Process 

During FY19, UTSA operated under its historical budget model and processes, but had reports and information available such that deans and administrators could understand what university and college budgets and bottom-lines would look like if UTSA were operating under the IRM model. This approach was further intended to allow for modifications to the model to be made should any unintended implications be identified as stakeholders analyzed their parallel data. 

“Hold Harmless” Period 

During this parallel year, UTSA operated under the rules and parameters of IRM, but the financial impact of any decisions — negative or positive — were managed centrally. This approach allowed for further identification/remediation of any unintended consequences of model rules or processes, and presented stakeholders (especially deans) with a full year to better understand the implications of various decisions from the perspective of both revenues and expenses.


In FY20, UTSA went live with IRM. Revenue units were expected to manage their revenues and expenses, and were accountable for achieving centrally negotiated bottom-line results.