Latest information on operational modifications for fall 2021 Roadrunner Roadmap

Why Move to IRM?

Under IRM, our budgetary processes better align with our academic enterprise by building a strong connection between decision-making responsibility, resource investment and cost control. Under our previous model, budgeting at UTSA was incremental in nature. In its simplest form, it rolled units’ prior year operating budgets forward and either added or subtracted some amount of funding based on budgetary requests.

IRM gives academic college deans greater financial autonomy, allowing them to maximize their revenues and control costs in ways that make sense for their colleges. They are empowered to attract and retain students, knowing that the funds they generate will flow back into their academic programs to benefit faculty and students.

Additionally, IRM provides transparency regarding the funds designated for strategic initiatives. As an institution, we can easily see how our money is spent and how we can best utilize our resources to impact the greatest number of students. IRM is designed to be flexible and scale with UTSA as the university continues to grow.