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UTSA's Proposal Timeline

The Tuition and Fee Proposal is a biennial process for setting deregulated tuition and fees. UTSA presented the tuition and fees increases to a student group comprised of the President’s Student Advisory Committee, the Student Services Fee Advisory Committee and the Student Government Association Executive Committee. 

After meeting with these student groups, as well as the Academic Council, the University Leadership Council and the President’s Cabinet, the Senior Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Business Affairs will prioritize and recommend options to President Eighmy.

NOTE: UT System has been working closely with all of the 14 System institutions throughout the process. They asked all institutions to formally submit draft proposals by November 8, 2019, and indicated that the proposals would be reviewed and possibly voted on during the November 2019 Board of Regents meeting.




August 23, 2019

President Eighmy receives tuition and fees memorandum from U.T. System

August 26, 2019

FY 20 tuition and fees process is reviewed with the Resource Management Team

September 5, 2019

Process timeline, U.T. System memo and schedule is presented to SGA

September 18, 2019

Student Committees (President’s Student Advisory Council, SGA Executive Committee, Student Services Fee Advisory Committee) are convened to review the tuition and fees process

September 25, 2019

An update is provided to the University Leadership Council

October 2, 2019

Draft unit increases are presented to Academic Council

October 9, 2019

Student Committees are convened and fee units are invited to help answer questions from students

October 14, 2019

President’s Cabinet receives an update on institutional tuition and relevant fee options

October 14, 2019

Unit fee increase plan draft is presented to Student Committees

October 16, 2019

Academic Council reviews Academic Affairs divisions/colleges tuition & fee requests

October 21, 2019

Student committees review tuition and fees requests

October 21, 2019

Tuition and fees final options are reviewed with University Leadership Council. Recommendation is made to Resource Management Team

October 23, 2019

University Leadership Council provides recommendation on tuition and fees proposal

October 25, 2019

Tuition and fees proposal submitted to President Eighmy

Updated per UT System 
November 8, 2019
Campus tuition and fees proposals due to the U.T. System
Updated per UT System
November 13-14, 2019
Board of Regents consider U.T. System Institution tuition and fee proposals