Campus Services announces 2024 Parking Permit Design Contest winners

April 26, 2024


2024 Parking Design Contest WinnerThis year’s Parking Permit Design Contest was a resounding success, receiving dozens of submissions from UTSA students looking to show their UTSA pride through their inspiring artwork. Campus Services has carefully reviewed all entries and is pleased to announce the winners.

The grand prize goes to junior Jonathan Barraza, a civil engineering student, who will get to see his creative, Fiesta-inspired design proudly displayed in thousands of cars across UTSA’s campus during the coming academic year. Additionally, he will receive a 2024-25 student garage parking permit for the garage of his choice. 

 “My design was inspired by UTSA’s rich Hispanic heritage and its status as one of the pioneering Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) universities,” Barraza said. He found inspiration in papel picado, a traditional Mexican decorative craft and a significant cultural feature of Fiesta and the San Antonio area.

“I realized the importance of acknowledging one’s roots and honoring the predecessors who paved the way for our current opportunities,” Barraza said. “It’s a sobering and sometimes challenging thought, but it keeps us humble and fosters further growth. I myself am a first generation Mexican-American, born to immigrant parents who taught me to honor their sacrifices by living out a fulfilled purpose.”

Barraza describes graphic design as a passionate hobby of his, including designing t-shirts, jerseys and an upcoming small business venture. Speaking about his winning design, Barraza said, “My hope is that each time someone sees next year’s permit, they are reminded to honor their origins in everything they do.”

Second place was awarded to Daniela De Los Santos, a neuroscience major. She will receive a $100 FastPass, good for 40 hours of parking in any Main Campus garage.

Jasmine Rendon, a clinical mental health counseling major, received the third place prize and will receive a $50 FastPass, good for 20 hours of parking in any Main Campus garage.

Parking permits for the 2024-25 academic year are expected to be available for purchase in the coming months on MyParking. Congratulations to this year’s winners!